Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sleepless Nights and Busy Days!

I am so tired of not sleeping at night.

I sleep good about 3-4 nights a week, if I'm lucky.

I have this theory that if I don't nap during the day, I will be able to sleep at night.
So far, the theory remains a theory that has not been proven.

All I do is become more of a zombie, if that is at all possible.

I have to stay busy during the day or I sit in my chair that I am convinced contains chloroform.
It has to or just sitting in it for any length of time would not get me super sleepy or flat out fall asleep.

I could lay down with Honeyman when he comes home from work.
But that defeats the whole "no nap" concept.

Today was really bad.
I didn't sleep good at all last night.

Just when I was actually getting into the deep sleep that my body craved it was time to get up.

Honeyman had his surgery today so I got to sit in uncomfortable chairs half the day and be really stressed.
So, I sit here just waiting for my daughter to get out of the bath and into bed so I can crawl into mine.

I hope Honeyman sleeps good and I don't disturb him.
Cause if he needs to get up, I have to help him get up.

That sounds a bit selfish.
Ask me if I care.

I'll let you in on a little secret.
I don't care if I am.

Maybe later I will.
But, I am just too tired to care.


  1. We all need to do what is best for ourselves whether it's considered selfish or not. You just seem stressed out. Take the naps. I think your sleep pattern will have a better chance of correcting itself if you are not tired. Hope your husband's doing okay since surgery.

  2. Thank you.

    He is doing pretty good. Better than I expected.

  3. What kind of surgery did he have? I am so sorry to hear. After just having surgery myself, I appreciate everything my husband has endured with my being in the hospital.

    BTW- I just realized you live in Iowa! Where is Monroe? I went to U of Iowa- if you didn't already know that already :)

  4. He had his gallbladder removed. It was outpatient but he can't do much right now.

    Monroe is south of Newton and north of Knoxville and Pella on highway 14. Small town. Of course, that's what Iowa is all about.


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