Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- That's my Status!

 This week's Ten Things Tuesday is a list of some of my Facebook statuses.
If I give an explanation, it is under the status.
None really do, I just felt like giving ya one.

1. Everyone should be born with a bullshit radar.  Maybe they are and some people's are just broken.

2. Sometimes trying to talk sense into someone is like hitting your head against a brick wall.  It's useless and now my head hurts.

3. How lucky are we? Stone Sour tickets on sale for cheap so we got 'em and they are now sold out.
    Tickets were only $5 at a small venue in Des Moines. Show sold out in under 3 hours and almost no notice was given before the sale.

4. I hear thunder!
     In a drought, that sound is some mighty sweet music.

5. A word is just a word. Fuck, shit, tacos, damn.
6.  What's good about the upcoming elections? The PACs, campaigns, and political parties are keeping the post office in business.

 7. Sometimes you just have to let go of all the nasty crap before it chokes you.

 8. Bullshit wrapped up in a pretty little bow is still bullshit.

9. I could stand to win the lottery right about now. I guess that means I'd have to buy a ticket...

10. Hi, my daughter's name is ___________ and she has a sharing problem.
     If she had to go 15 minutes without sharing on Facebook, her head would explode. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


  1. My daughter had the same kind of luck with a Carrie Underwood concert . . . cheap tickets, 3rd row center on the floor -- and then they were suddenly sold out. Not bad. A word is just a word, and I really like the word "taco" and "chocolate" and "ice" "cream" - especially when they go together!!

  2. Why should your daughter be different about sharing things on the internet? It is Facebook for your daughter, for mine it is Twitter.

    1. Munir, she's a constant sharer and it's fun to tease her about it. She seriously shares everything.

  3. #7 is where I am at at this moment.
    Working hard and letting go

    1. Mynx, it's a lot harder to do than it is to say.

  4. "Fuck, shit," you cry after eating tacos with hot sauce.
    "Damn!" is what you say when that fart wasn't completely gas.

    1. But, Al, I love hot sauce! It's good stuff.

  5. Lovely post! Each one of those has a little something that pretty much describes most the people in my life right now ...lol

    1. Hey! How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while.

    2. just life and laziness but I have missed blogging and missed reading my fellow bloggers blogs, So I'm back ...beware lol

    3. I am glad! I don't blog as much lately either. Life can be so demanding sometimes.

  6. I especially like #8. Great list.
    Be well, Ruth.



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