Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Sayings From My Youth

I know it's Thursday.
I moved it for this week due to no posting on Tuesday.

Iowa's got some bad weather outside.
I am glad I have power, my tv, and the internet.

Every generation has sayings that seem fairly unique.
Maybe not totally, but they reach a peak and later on you don't hear them much.

That's what this week's ten things is about.

Here we go:

1. What crawled up your ass and died?
    My sister used to say this a lot to me. I may have been just a bit moody in my younger years. For some reason, I never hear it used anymore.

2. Well, duh!
    When someone says something that is commonsensical, it just does not need to be said. Say it and make them feel stupid.

3. Don't have a cow!
    Bart Simpson always added man, but  totally unnecessary. Just don't get so worked up, OK?

4. She must be on the rag.
    Now, it is mostly referred to as the time of the month. Among teens, on the rag isn't used much these days. Back then, if anyone acted bitchy at all, people tended to say they were on the rag.

5. It's a knee slapper.
    This is another one from my sister. When something was not funny, she'd say "that's a knee slapper" and slap her elbow.

6. Doi!
    My other sister would say this one. I haven't heard it too many places since the 80s, but the teenager in the movie Dodgeball said it. It's a variation of duh.

7. Sit and spin!
    When saying this, you must stick up your middle finger or it really has no meaning.

8. Man, he's baked!
    Now, it's high as a kite. Or he's really messed up. Being baked  is when someone is so stoned they just sit there in their own little world looking really out of it.

9.  Just say no!
    Nancy Reagan made it her mission to get kids to "Just say no!" to drugs and alcohol. All the schools had speakers come talk to the kids. I even have a button pin that says "just say no" on it.

10. You are so full of shit, your eyes are brown.
    This is a pretty old saying, but I never hear it anymore.

OK, my power is flickering so I best be going.

Have a great day!


  1. Good God, Woman - we are from the same generation...those rang bells, made me laugh; and they made me wonder if a little resuscitation is in order for a few. :)

    Great lead upto the holidays...I might take one or two with on my outings...see if I can "shake it up" a bit!

    Merry, Merry and Happy, you and yours!

    1. Thanks, Jenny!
      Laughs are good. :)
      I hope you have a great holiday too!

  2. The first and last ones are new to me.

    Stay safe, powered up, and warm.


    1. I'm always happy to impart knowledge to you, Robyn.
      The power just went out a split second and nothing since. Many other places lost theirs and are still without it.
      Thanks, I am staying in the warm.

  3. There's a saying I've held on to since my childhood (no, not "Hey! We're outta toilet paper!!"). Whenever I'd ask my father a question about something he was doing, he'd answer, "Why? Ya writin' a book?" I've taken to answering the kids in my class the same way when they ask ME a question. Now, it's a hoot hearing them answer each other with, "Why? Ya writin' a book?"
    So I guess I HAVE had an effect on our future generation, after all.
    And that you can put in a book.

    1. I have heard that one. Nice the kids are picking it up.

    2. It really makes me smile to hear them say it.

  4. Oh, and not for nothin', don't you people EVER have good weather? In the winter-1,000 degrees below zero, in the spring-tornadoes, in the summer- your skin blisters off.
    Why did the pioneers ever move out there? Considering that, in addition to the weather, there was a very good chance of an Indian attack.
    Unless it was to get away from New Jersey.

    1. April is usually pretty nice. Unless it is an extended winter or an early storm season. October is good too. Unless there is an early frost or snow.
      Somehow they just knew that the best sweetcorn was to be grown here. Getting away from Jersey was just a bonus.

    2. Oh, yeah, the crops. True.
      Isn't April full of those wacky storms?
      October IS a good month. Which isn't that true everywhere?

    3. Sometimes April just has rain, but no tornadoes.
      It happens.
      OK, you got me on October.
      Crops in IA are known as corn(meaning field corn) and soybeans. Not really sure, but if someone plants a bunch of some other food, they always have to specify what it is and never call it a crop.

    4. haha funny stuff!! i hope you kept your power!! have a merry Christmas :)

    5. Merry Christmas, Lynn! I was sick over the holiday, but slowly getting better. No power loss. :)


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