Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- October Goodness

October is just a nice time of year.
Not too hot and not too cold.

Maybe it is if you live on the equator or the North Pole.
I don't.
So, it's good for me.

But, it's not just the temperature outside.
This week's Ten Things Tuesday is on great things about October.

1. Moving back into my bedroom.
    Woo Hoo! OK, it hasn't happened yet, but we are on target for a couple days from now.
My closet door isn't on yet and my shelves still have to be built, but I can live with that.

2. Product evaluations
    I do surveys for extra money, ya know. Sometimes that involves trying out the product. It's been a little dry in that department. Not this month. I have 4 going on right now. Go me!

3. Halloween
   So, some churches are calling it an evil holiday. I even saw an article about some minister wanting to change Halloween to Jesusween. Well... Halloween, if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

4. Rain
    Over the weekend it rained here so much. My well was much appreciative. It rained over 2".

5. Home Improvement sales
   We are already a few hundred dollars over budget so finding a sale is so nice. Plus, my light was on clearance.

6. My birthday
    It's the 29th. I don't care so much about the day except for the birthday dinner. I have always let the birthdayee pick what they want for dinner. And no substitutes will be made. I can even make sweet potato fries and Kiddo can't say boo.

7. Having some garden things still alive
    It froze here, but my broccoli and Brussel sprouts are still going. So is my cilantro, oregano, and chives. The herbs still living is odd, but a good thing.

8. Finding out Beyonce is doing the superbowl halftime show
   This means I don't have to worry about missing something good when I go to the bathroom, get snacks, clean, etc. I would have worried for months.

9.  Making baked sweet potato chips
    I tried them a few days ago. They are awesome! Now, I don't have to buy the ones that have extra ingredients I don't want.

10. Leaves turning colors
    I love seeing all the leaves on trees turning colors. It is especially neat on a hill with all the trees displaying different colors.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. All good stuff, Ruth! Love sweet potato fries and make them at home quite a bit. Love them with cayenne pepper on them.

    1. Sue, they are yummy with cayenne! I grew sweet potatoes this year specifically to make fries. I could eat them all the time.

  2. Beyonce's doing the whole Super Bowl halftime? Boy, is she gonna be tired. But, all those guys will be wicked appreciative.
    I love October! Trees vibrant with color, mornings crisp as a whip, and the neighbor across the street doesn't feel the need to walk around with his shirt off.

    1. Jay-Z wouldn't, I am sure. But he's not the brightest tool in the box so who know?
      Does your neighbor make you feel lacking, Al?

    2. I don't think it would matter if his tool was bright in the box.

  3. All great stuff, Ruth! I am totally with you on the sweet potato love, too.
    I am a Christian, but have no problem celebrating Halloween. It's all in fun! "Jesusween?" Good grief, that sounds awful.
    Happy early birthday, too!

    1. Aw, Dawn. You are a sweetie! Thank you.

  4. Jesusween? Would we give out wafers to trick-or-treaters? That's just plain weirdness. Ah, homemade sweet potato chips. I'll be at your door as soon as I find it.


    1. Silly Robyn! They give out bibles and they have to wear white to appear majestic or celestial or something.
      I'm easy to find. I live by a gravel road and there are two trees at the end of the driveway. One is shorter than the other due to excessive dog peeing when it was little(tree not dog) and the other tree has been butchered by the electric company.

  5. lol love your list. But Jesusween? That is just weird. hahaha

    1. Debbie, I know. The creator said that some Christians were "uncomfortable" with Halloween.

  6. Love your list. I like fall for the same not too hot/not too cold. Even the smell of fall. I just found an Apple Cider candle that smells really nice. :) Enjoyed reading your posting!

    1. Gossip_Grl, that sounds like a great candle. The house smells yummy, I bet.

  7. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  8. I love October as our weather is getting warmer and so many plants are flowering. Even my roses

    1. Mynx, it is spring for you isn't it? I love seeing all the new growth in spring.

  9. Renos can take a lot out of us - I'm glad you're almost back in your bedroom. That first sleep will be awesome - blog worthy even!

    I'm glad Halloween made your top ten - I'm a fan too.

    For all that we complain about rain I'm grateful for it too - without it we really wouldn't exist...so I say, show rain some respect! I'm glad your well is happy.

    If I don't rear my cute head on the 29th please except my Best Wishes for a very Happy Birthday when it gets here. And are you also 29, on the 29th!!

    Gotta love the staying power of Brussels sprouts - and the changing colour of the leaves; isn't nature amazing.

    Wonderful "ten", Ruth. I enjoyed your post!

    Cheers, Jenny

  10. Hey Jenny!
    We are back in there now. We still have to finish up the closet and put some shelves in, but the bed is up and it's NICE.
    I'll have to post after shots.
    Thanks for stopping over fellow Pearson. :)


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