Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Tale

 This is a repost from a couple years ago when I only had a couple followers.
I normally don't do reposts, but , well, here ya go:

We all have the memorable Thanksgiving story.

Either it's really bad or it is super hilarious.

My story could kinda qualify for both, I guess.

These days Thanksgiving is just me, Honeyman, and Kiddo.
Years ago, when Honeyman's grandma was alive and well, she came over too.

Except for one year.
Oh, what a pleasant surprise that was.

We were just planning on having us and Grandma G. like normal.
The night before Honeyman's brother calls up and asks if they are still invited.
No one invited them.

But, my dimwitted sister inlaw(at the time), thought I did and she told her husband.
So, what are we going to say?
"No, you're not invited. Your wife is just stupid."
Instead Honeyman pretends he has a clue and says it's OK.

He's good at that.

It took me a while to figure it out.
The week before, they were up to visit and I asked her what their plans were for Thanksgiving.
I guess that is some sort of code for " Wanna come over ?" and no one told me.
OR Honeyman.
I thought I was just trying to make polite conversation.
Who knew?

So, we ended up with an extra 4 people for Thanksgiving.
Thank God we always get a large turkey.

So, my brother-in-law and 1 nephew show up at like 10 in the morning.

We don't eat til about 3 or so.
Grandma G shows up shortly after.

I'm left in the kitchen to cook everything and talk to no one.

About noon I put out the snacky foods, which include little smokies.

Sister-in-law shows up with nephew number 2 right at meal time with a crockpot full of
-you guessed it-
little smokies.

Anyway we eat.

My sister-inlaw eats tons and tons of food.
But is not happy no one is eating the smokies she brought.
Maybe if she'd have brought them sooner.
Just sayin'.

So everyone is visiting and sis-inlaw goes to the bathroom.
This is the fun part.

She clogged my frickin' toilet!

She comes out and Kiddo goes in.
Mind you, my daughter is about 5 at the time.

The water is rising in the toilet so Kiddo tries to flush again and it overflows.
She freaks thinking its her fault.

My sister-inlaw sees what is happening as we are cleaning up.
She gathers everyone up and leaves.

She just leaves and lets my daughter think it was all her fault.
Poor thing just cried and cried thinking she did something wrong.

Way to own up to your big dump, Lady.

But, that Thanksgiving will be forever known as the Clogged Toilet Thanksgiving.

Awww, memories!


Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I am So glad to know that someone else's Thanksgiving isn't always the blissful joyride everybody raves about. Mine usually is much improved with a little coconut rum on my Crystal Light...

    1. Ooohhh coconut rum. Thanks Dawn. I might have to get me some of that for Christmas at the in-laws.

  2. And that is why families should not get together at the holidays!

    1. That is the last time they have been out for Thanksgiving. It is so much more peaceful with just us.

  3. GOOD GRIEF, Ruth! Now that's a good story. I loved this:
    "No, you're not invited. Your wife is just stupid."

    1. Karen:Oh the things you wished you really could say, but don't, to keep peace in the family.

  4. I am suddenly not feeling all alone in the Holiday disaster department. :) With 30 relatives all together in the same house it never fails to have something go wrong. Def Enjoyed reading your posting!

    1. Gossip_Grl, thanks. Aren't the holidays grand? ;)

  5. What a great story! Too bad it didn't happen earlier in the day, so that they would have left sooner. Our toilets are always backing up, so I really appreciate this.

    1. Julie, that's the way my luck goes.

  6. But isn't that where holiday memories come from? Except when you tell YOUR story, you can't add, "That really happened. No shit."

    1. Al, I could start my story with "Let me tell you about the shittiest Thanksgiving ever. Seriously!"

  7. That sounds like a crappy Thanksgiving. (Sorry.)



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