Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons You Didn't Know About the Election Today

The United States is electing a new or not so new president today.


There could be recounts.
Maybe even a trip to the Supreme Court.

Remember the famous hanging chad incident of 2000?

Boy, was that fun!

Whether you vote or not, if you are reading this you are in the know.
But, some people may not.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is why you may not know there is an election today.

1. You are not from around here.
   Most people around the world seem to know about the election, but maybe you live on an island or in a cave. It's understandable.

2. You have no phone.
   It's not enough to not answer it, because campaigners sometimes leave messages.

3. You don't have TV.
   Or, you don't ever turn it on.

4. You don't listen to the radio.
    Not as many radio ads as on TV, but they are still on it. That was my last refuge. And than it was gone.

5. You don't ever use the internet.
    Believe it or not, I still know people that have never come in contact with the world wide web.
I offered my mom our old computer once and she said she didn't know what she'd do with it. There may be others.

6. You don't check your mail.
    Republican, party, Democrat party, Obama campaign, state Republican party , state party candidates, 2 different Romney campaigns, state Democrat party, and than all the PACs and Super PACs all send out mail. How many trees have to die?

7. You take a lot of drugs.
    Not just recreational. Could be prescription. Some of those can make you really loopy and you have no clue what the hell is going on.

8. You don't talk to anyone.
   I try to stay away from political discussions, but sometimes you are just there minding your own business and BOOM! your FIL blindsides you with political talk. You are left wondering where that came from.

9. You never leave your house.
    If you do, you will see all those signs everywhere. Some people have yard signs that are just HUGE.

10. You are an infant.
    They can't read yet or understand what they are hearing. Who is running the show is not important as long as they have love, food, and a dry diaper.


Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Ah ah, this is super funny, especially the cave one and the infant. Im kinda ready for this thing to be over, my mail box has been taken prisoner by all these campaign people, enough already! :)

    1. Thanks, Alex. I don't think I have gotten so much political mail or phone calls before. It's just insane.

  2. True - - those are the ONLY reasons not to know about the election. It seems like it's been going on forever. But thank goodness we live in a country where we CAN vote!!

    1. This is true, Judy. We can choose to vote or not to vote and in some countries the people have to vote or they just flat out aren't allowed. I voted first thing this morning so no more calls.

  3. I've had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gail, I had to. It's election day! It's almost over. You can make it. :)

    2. I wasn't talking about your post, Ruth! I was talking election in general. Your post is great!

  4. A few weeks ago, in an effort to cut costs, we dropped our land phone line. Instead, Mrs. Penwasser and I use our cell phones. The downside? Have to remember to keep them charged. The huge upside? No frikkin' robo-calls.
    It's so very sweet.

    1. Al, to cut costs we don't have cell phones. The landline is a must because I can't get stand alone dsl service. The joys of living in the sticks.

    2. And here I was hoping to "robo" Al...I guess I missed my chance! :P

  5. Congrats on you "not so new" president. I don't vote 'cause I'm a Canuck! But, with bated breath I watched and drank...lots! (hehehehe, burp!) :P

    I am happy with the outcome - sorry if that doesn't sit well with anyone reading this, but I'm a small "c" Conservative so Obama works just fine for me and my country! You know, a moderate! Besides I think it's great that all Americans have access to health care. I never take it for granted up here in Canuckland!

    I laughed my tush off reading your Ten Things Tuesday list...just precious! Thanks, Jenny

    1. Oops......I caught a mistake, damn alcohol...

      My comment should start off like this:

      Congrats on your....note the added "r"....okay the rest looks okay, for now! I may do another re-read later and find another typo. :)

    2. Thanks Jenny. I voted for Gary. I knew he wouldn't win because he is from another party, but if he gets 5% of the popular vote, it'll pay off down the road.
      I just had a cousin on facebook ask that any friends and family that voted Obama delete her and said Iowans were idiots for voting for him. That is just sad. Send me some of whatever you are having. :)

    3. Funny thing about folks that feel so strongly about "their" viewpoint being the only viewpoint - they lose a lot of respect and friends along the way.

      I actually listened to Romney's concession speech and Obama's acceptance - I would love to hold both their calloused heels to the fire and make them work together on solving America's debt crisis. You know, four years isn't long enough to "fix" what took decades to break!

      However, we have the same situation up here, folks really do get hot and bothered if their candidate doesn't make it...like chicken little, I guess - the world will now come to an end - funny, eh!!

      Oh, and I mix myself a Pearson Potion...gin, lemon juice, water and a touch of sugar (technically I'm sweet enough but damn those lemons are not) :)

    4. I have everything but the gin. I'll have to try it.


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