Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Things That Piss Me Off

First of all, I should say that I am aware that it is Patriot Day a.k.a. 9/11.
I know what I did that day, as I am sure you do.
I don't like it called 9/11 because it makes it sound like 9/11 should only be known as a day of tragedy.
There is so much more to that day.
I know people that got married and that were born on that date.

So, I am not going to do a post about it.
Instead, I choose to do a Ten Things Tuesday post.
It has been a while. Hopefully the craziness has passed so I have more time to get back to posting regularly. More or less.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about things that piss me off.
Here we go, in no special order.

1. Friendship that is lopsided
    This is why I don't have many friends in real life. Many of them want to be called or have you go see them, but they never want to return the favor. I get sick of people that want a friend but don't know how to be one.

2. Shitty parents
     I hate people that have kids and don't teach them manners, buy them everything, and let them run wild. They want babies, but don't seem to want the kids when they grow up. My heart breaks for the kids and I just want to slap the parents.

3. Political ads on TV
   Remember when we just had to sit through the ads by the campaigns? Now we have third party ads. Every commercial break. Almost every internet page.  Come on November! You know the only people wishing November would never come is the manager that is going to no longer have all that ad revenue coming in.

4. Political photos as shared on facebook
    No more photos of a U-Haul on the front lawn of the white house saying moving day on November 6. PLEASE! Why would he move in November anyway? His term would be up in January. Does it not bother you that voters do not seem to grasp this? It's symbolic, you say? I say it's stupidity.

5. Getting my phone number asked when I am buying something in a store.
   They just want to sell my information to other companies. I guess I shouldn't care if they mail stuff thereby saving the post office from sheer demise. Still, it's annoying. I don't really enjoy walking out to my mailbox to collect junk mail. Just say NO!

6. Paying copays or deductibles at the doctors office
   I remember the good old days when having insurance meant you could go to the doctor when you needed to. Once the insurance paid their part, you got sent a bill.
Not anymore. They have it all figured out how much you owe and you have to pay that day. Which sucks because- A) sometimes you are broke and have insurance, but can't afford your share that day or, B) the doctor's office is wrong, you overpay and have to wait 4 months to get a refund.

7. The automated clearing house
    It used to be great. Pay a bill and know the check won't clear til the money is in the bank. Now, you never know so you have to wait til you have the money or you get an overdraft fee, but if you wait you get a late fee.  You can't win. And if you do write a check in person- they take it, run it through their little scanner thing and give the check back. I paid a lot of money for those checks. All pretty with peace symbols. And just what was the point of me wasting one of them if you are just going to give it back?

   FICO should be known as Fuck Income Challenged Organisms.
It screws the little guy. I love that commercial. I am not a number, my name is Stan. Well, good for you, Stan. You have been FICO'd.

9. People that use religion to judge others
  If memory serves, one of the ten commandments is thou shall not judge. That's God's job. Not yours. Not a one person on this earth has adhered to every single thing that is in the bible. Until you can say honestly that you have, shut it.

10.  Directv
      First, they keep raising their rates every year. Second, their programming is getting worse. Third, no anniversary gift from them this year. Lastly, they took off about the only channels I watched  for a while because of a stupid fight between them and Viacom. Do, I blame Viacom for it ? Yes. But, I blame Directv too. Both big babies. Making 2 billions dollars profit a year is not enough. Oh, me so sad!
I am in the process of researching outdoor antennas so they can be booted.

So, what kinds of things piss you off?

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I love everything you wrote and agree with 99% of it. I would agree with 100% but I do not Facebook. :o) I do hope your Wednesday is better than your Tuesday.

    1. Some days I am really not sure why I have a facebook.

  2. I do get so sick of the political stuff. They call, send crap in the mail, have stuff on Facebook and twitter, and I just don't even turn on the tv anymore. Blech.

    1. Sue, if they invade my radio I will be screwed.

  3. This was a wonderful rant. I've even been unfriending Facebook contacts who insist on posting hateful political comments. It just all gets so tiresome.

    1. Thanks Patricia. I would unfriend them if they weren't family.

  4. Well Ruth, I don't necessarily know about the financial stuff, as I am in Canada, but I enjoyed your feisty list just the same. What pisses me off...my neighbour's daughter took it upon herself to cut my hedge recently, and whack off the foot of new rose-of-sharon growth in the middle. I used some pretty bad words.

    1. Hell yes! I would too, Karen. Was she trying to help and is just an idiot?

  5. Fees. All the extra fees that every business decides to tack on to regular charges. The bank, the credit card, the tickets you buy. I'm going to start charging businesses good customer fees because I pay my bills on time!

    Great list!

  6. Ava, that is such a good one. Last time I bought concert tickets, it was a $4 fee per ticket plus handling and taxes. Grrr!


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