Monday, December 17, 2012

Shaking My Head

There are things in life that I just don't understand.

Why do some people have to know everything about everything?

Why do we always have to know why something happened?

Why do we have to know why someone did something?

Why does the manner in which someone dies, seem to matter more than the fact that they are no longer alive?

I believe that there are some things in this world that we are just not meant to understand.
Things just happen.
There is no explanation.

My daughter had childhood epilepsy, which by definition is two or more seizures of unknown origin.
Her brain just misfired for no reason.

Sometimes, you can figure out why someone does something.
Sometimes, you are just never going to know.

It's one of the complexities of people.

I have known so many people that have died of all kinds of things:
massive heart attack, cancer, SIDS, murder, AIDS, stillbirth
You name it. I know someone that it happened to.

And it doesn't matter how.
They are gone and it is a very sad thing.

Knowledge is a good thing.
But, we don't have to stay three forever and continually ask why.

Sometimes, it just happens because it does.

I will not be doing a Ten Things Tuesday (may move to Thursday) due to there being an "All Quiet on the Blogosphere" to show respect to the people that died in Newtown, CT last Friday.


  1. It's true - it is hard to make sense of it. Things just happen, which is scary in itself because those are the moments that no one can control.

    1. Debbie, sometimes I think we find answers but also more questions and nothing is ever clear cut.

  2. I didn't know about the silence in the blogosphere thanks for the heads up. There are so many things we don't know, if we wrote them all down we could fill the library of Congress. :)

  3. Or, to use the clumsy cliche: is what it is.
    See you on the other side of the 18th.

    1. Al, for some reason blogger put you in my spam comments.
      I do happen to say "It is what it is" sometimes.
      See ya!

  4. I am with you I also don't get why some have to know all the ins and outs of a chooks bum, I am not one of them although my daughter would say different but the older I have go the more I don't need to know everything I just accept some things are the way they are. Sad things happen, bad things happen but also good things happen in short stuff happens....accept it and move on.............

    1. Jo-Anne, "ins and outs of a chooks bum" is a new one on me. I like that.

  5. You just articulated something that's been incredibly frustrating for me. Even Oprah made an asinine statement about how we "need to understand" the tragedy. Hello, people of the world. Insanity cannot be understood. That's why it's called "insanity." By definition, it makes no sense. And things don't happen for a reason. Circumstances are random. I think people are afraid to relinquish control, or are just too immature to get it. I like you even more now, Ruth. Thanks for expressing this and letting me vent.


    1. Robyn, thanks and you're welcome. I remember Dr. Phil saying a long time ago that control is just an illusion. We like to think we have it. It would be nice to have it.

  6. The media has taken everything WAY too far--I have to turn off the news now because I can't keep staring at the faces of all the angels who died last week. You are right--there IS no explanation--but I am confident that one day we will have all the answers to life's mysteries when the time is right.
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today and joining the site----I am your newest follower now via GFC. Thanks again!!

    1. Mama, is it terrible that I have not read their names or looked at their faces? I really wish the media would let them grieve in peace. Everyone deserves that dignity.
      Thanks for the follow.

  7. I've got absolutely nothing to say. Blessings to you.

    1. Gail, I guess I have no answer for you. :)
      Have a good day!

  8. They have put up signs for "NO MEDIA" and yet we saw reporters from there anyway. They now need their peace.


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