Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Am a Deleter!

I did it.
I deleted my first relative on Facebook.

Should I feel bad?
I do and I don't.

I had said that I wouldn't delete people over political crap and I haven't.

This was sort of political, I guess.

Why can't people respect someone else's opinion?
Why is that so hard?

I've hid all the posts calling names like retarded and stupid.
I suffered through reading that libs are the worst thing on earth and rethugs are scum.

What got me today was my uncle telling his former foster daughter not to ever post something like that so it appeared on his page. He would delete her.
And if she had those opinions she was no longer his daughter and friend.

This was all over a poster with a Bill Maher quote about insurance.

What made me so mad was the fact that someone should be allowed to have their own opinion without someone saying "If you don't agree with me, I won't like you anymore. Na na na boo boo. Stick your head in doo doo!"

What are you- 2?

So, I went to his page to delete him and I see he is voting no on prop 37.
I just have to shake my head at that.

In case you don't know.
Proposition 37 is to requiring GMO labeling in California.
The anti-labeling campaign is in full swing telling the voters how bad it would be for them, the consumers, if they really knew what was in their food.
Costs would go up and the food doesn't need labeled cause there is nothing wrong with it.

Did the snickers bar go up when they had to start telling you there were peanuts in it?

Bt corn causes insects stomachs to explode, but that's OK.
You go ahead and eat it and we aren't going to tell you that you are eating it.

If you don't care if you eat it and that it was never tested before being fed to the masses and that the government says its OK, that's fine.
But, why be against letting people have a choice?

That's his opinion.

I am just getting sick of all the negativity.
Can't we all just get along?


  1. I've had my fill of political rants and posts on fb too, and I'll be happy when the election is over. But I know how you feel. It got so bad with two individuals on my fb page that I went to my settings and changed what kind of updates appear on my page from these two. People can have their opinions, there's just no need to be a bully about it.

    1. Elise, I do hope that Tuesday is the end of it. With one of my cousins, if Obama gets reelected, I have a feeling it's not. She really, really hates him.

  2. I've usually tried to not say anything to people I disagree on fb with. Most of them are hidden on my news feed.

    1. Adam, I am like that too- or was. I have hidden posts from one person so much she doesn't show up on my home feed anymore. I just couldn't take it anymore.

  3. It IS disturbing that many people argue intensely about something that is logical and trivial.


    1. Robyn, I totally agree. I want my own island.

  4. I am not on Facebook and I am glad.
    I try to get along as much as possible with people and my blog is to create awareness if I notice something bad for human beings and also to wish people good things. With an aim of leaving this Earth in a better shape than it was when I came here, I write things that may or may not offend people, but hey I do not go looking and peeking in every one,s mind and I don't think I can even if I tried.

  5. By the way natural is natural.
    What do GMOs have to hide that they are so much against labeling. If products are safe why not willingly share. Cost of labeling? That is not even a fraction of a penny per dollar. I could be wrong about the cost, but we may end up paying with taking risks of bad health or even dangers to our lives if we do not know what is inside a product, especially if the product is going in our blood stream.

    1. Munir, I wish more people understood what GMOs are and that you truly are what you eat.
      Some people give out way too much information over facebook.
      I don't know how you could offend anyone.

  6. I have done a lot of hiding of political nastiness on fb, too. Haven't had to delete anyone but I understand why you did.

    1. Gail, I thought I could get through without doing it. There is only 2 more days, you can get through it.

    2. I think I may be deleted by someone today after standing up to them...

    3. Hopefully not. But, sometimes you just have to draw your line in the sand.

  7. I confess to being a "hider". I have been a deleter too but so far no family.
    Somedays I do look at the list though and wonder why I actually have some people on my facebook

    1. Mynx, I really don't like deleting people. I won't miss his posts and we never did talk. He's just married to my aunt and they live in CA so I never even see them,
      I am not sure why a lot of people are on my facebook either.

  8. Facebook can be such a nasty place. I think the cloak of anonymity lulls people into thinking they can call someone else a stupid moron with impunity. Then, the endless "Facebook Spats" ensue. You suck, no YOU suck!!! I've only "unfriended" one person on FB. She was a friend from high school and while I didn't agree with her politically, I liked her and respected her opinion. I just didn't want to read the mindless rantings of some of her friends. They were truly hateful people who wished death on those with whom they didn't agree. Good golly, I don't need that. So, instead of jumping down in the muck with them, I elected not to subject myself to it any longer.

    1. Al, I don't care if people agree with me politically either. We are all different people. I lose respect for people when they tear somebody else down for thinking different.
      I don't blame you.


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