Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going Insane

I've been a little unsettled lately.
A little bit may be an understatement.

How can you help someone that thinks they are fine?

Everything's fine.

Except it's not.

It is self destructive
and I am powerless to do anything.

I can't even just put it out there.
On here.
It's my blog
But I can't.

It may get seen by the person it involves and everything I have read says to not be critical.
Bad idea.

It can cause me to lose touch.

But, it has been bugging me.
More and more all the time.

Last week, I knew I needed to post.
I couldn't get anything to get in my head
save for this crap.

That word about sums it up.
Or maybe

I talked about it with Honeyman, as well as other family and I feel a little better.
Not completely.

I just have this sinking pit feeling in my stomach.
I don't know if it will ever leave.

Maybe if the situation ever resolves itself.


  1. Ah Ruth, stress is my buddy right now! I mean, it's not just the boob nonsense, I'm also fighting with my son's school right now to get him some damn support! I mean, he STILL has mild Autism people. So, between hounding the school board, and hounding medical people...

    well, let's get us some cocktails and schedule that breakdown. I hope everything resolves itself for you somehow. Stress bites.

  2. Karen, drinks sound lovely right about now.
    I can understand the school problems. I have a nephew with aspergers on top of a mood disorder and ADHD and his school just wrote him off. He never got the help he should have and they told his parents that he'd never be able to work.
    What is wrong with these schools?

  3. Sorry, Ruth. It is frustrating that you can't help someone who's closed off to any help. But I hope you have a good Thanksgiving, and don't have to spend it with that person (?).


    1. Robyn, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too. I'm hoping to leave my worries behind that day.

  4. Oh, Ruth, I do get it and wish I could give you a big hug and a mug of tea. Also, an ear that listens.

    1. Gail, that sounds great. I do love my tea. Hugs too. They are my favorite thing in the world.

    2. ~smiling~ Actually, I don't know if we live close or far from each other!

    3. I am pretty far from you. I love in the middle of Iowa.


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