Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hey All!

I thought it was about time I posted.
I did say I'd be posting more regular and than I didn't.
That was bad of me.

This past week I dug my sweet potatoes.
That's a lot of work,
especially when the ground is dry and really hard.

But, I did it!

Tonight I had to cover my herbs.
Chance of frost or freeze.
I am not ready for this yet.

The bedroom is coming along.
I hope to be painting in the next few days.

 my new closet
new wall started
 my honey working hard on the wall
 new wall, door and closet

Another thing I have learned is that the next room we do, I need to make the budget.
Coming up with an idea of what we need and listening to someone telling me that he's "not taking that into account, but it's not that much" is not a good way to make sure I have enough money.

What other news do I have?

My baby girl turned 16 last Saturday.
Where does the time go?

Oh, I am thinking of maybe doing an ebook on my recipes.
I'm still looking into the ins and outs.
We will see.

Well, that's the skinny.


  1. room looks good; will look even better all painted up. i like the idea of an ebook of your recipes. you are my go to girl for questions regarding all things cooking/baking. laura

    1. Thanks, Laura. I hope to be painting in a couple days. Aren't you sweet? Mom has even called me with cooking questions before.

  2. Sweet potatoes? As in not yams? You amazing woman you!

    1. You got that right, Gail. I love me some sweet potato!

  3. Busy busy lady. The room is looking good and I love the idea of a book with your recipes.

    1. Thanks, Mynx. I painted it. I ended up having to use three coats so that was fun. Once the floor is done, the trim will go up. I will post more pictures.
      I'll have to research the idea more, but it sounds intriguing. I always thought I'd like to write a cookbook.


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