Friday, April 29, 2016

The Young Obsession

Nobody really wants to get old.
Sure, we can be grateful when we live to be 80.
But, no one wants to start forgetting things and where opening a jar of spaghetti sauce becomes an exercise in futility.

But, to the lucky, we age.
It is inevitable.

There is the saying that youth is wasted on the young.
When you're young, you have the energy to do things, but not the time.
When you get old, you have the time, but not the energy.

What I have always hated was the "years young" phrase.
People are young and they are two years old,twenty years old, whatever.
But, at some magical age, they become years young.
Seventy years young. Ugh!

For awhile that phrase was used everywhere.
Thankfully, not so much now.

However, it has been replaced by the decade thing.
Sixty is the new fifty, fifty is the new forty, and forty is the new thirty.
Thirty is not the new twenty cause you are still in your youth.
Or maybe it is.
People like to be young.

But, that just sounds corny too.

I am 44 and that it how it is.
My niece tells me I don't look as old as I am.
And I am not even wearing make-up to hide fine lines.

Honeyman is two years older than I am and he feels old to him.
I don't feel old.
Even when I hurt or when I forget something..

Mentally, I still feel young.

And to people older than me, I am young.
My mother-in-law calls me kid.

That's just how it goes.


  1. I, too, loathe that "XX years YOUNG" nonsense. I am what I am. "Old" is a chronological fact. "Young" is nonsense.
    Funny, how things change as you age. I asked a coworker how old someone was when they passed and she said "Sixty-three." I replied-no kidding-"Wow, that's young."
    Age is relative. Just so happens I'm the oldest relative now.

    1. Al, my oldest sister doesn't even count her age. She actually has to think about it because it doesn't matter to her.

  2. Yes Ruth- 40s is still very young- enjoy it!!❤

  3. Yes Ruth- 40s is still very young- enjoy it!!❤

  4. You feel the same inside forever, don't you! ~Liz

    1. Liz, I am sure you are quite right. :)

  5. Old is all perceptive as we age. But yeah, that years young thing is dumb

  6. I feel young at 58 years old, but sometimes my body doesn't :)


    1. Betty, I know exactly how that is.

  7. Catching up on reading some posts today. I love this and boy are you right? I wish I could go back in time and erase some things because today just finding the energy to get things done I need to will be an accomplishment. Love the story

    1. You got that right, Gossip_Grl. I think back to all the stuff I used to do in one day and get tired. I have to space things out more.


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