Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's Time to Jerryrig

He was a master at jerryrigging.

Some people might call him a hoarder..
But, you could make a lot of birdhouses with all the busted tae kwon do boards.
You never know when your lawn mower wheels will fall off and you need to put different, better ones on.

To jerryrig is to do something in a unconventional way.
A more recent term is to McGyver it.

Sometimes, he'll say "It's not the right way, but it'll work".

The thing is, sometimes "the right way" is not always better and many times more expensive.

He turned an old playhouse into a chicken coop.

He used scrap wood and a plastic koi pond to build a habitat for Kiddo's turtle.
No longer have the turtle so he is converting it into a nice home for the ducks.

The ideas that he comes up with are great.

He comes from a line of jerryriggers.
His father did it.
His father's father did it.
And now him.

Who is the jerryrigger?
I affectionately call him Honeyman.


  1. My hubby is one of those and although my dad would also do it...he wasn't very good at that but he did create some fun things like the boon truck. I grew up on a sawmill, my dad was a lumberman all his life. He took an old 1948(I think) truck, go some long steel contraption with a grappling hook thingy on the end. This was placed on the back of the truck and welded on so it would stay put. The end part which was a chain would be tied around a log and then lifted up and it would swing to where the log should be. I recall my dad telling me to "get out of there" and I ran because I would have been hurled 50ft by the log if I had stayed. Ahhhhh the good ole days

    1. My uncle has a logging truck and it sounds like it worked about the same. Maybe more creatively done. :)

  2. Hey, if it works jerryrig away. Gets the creative side going too.

  3. I bet he can fix everything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn!

    1. Al, he is mighty fond of super glue and bungy cords.


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