Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exercising Patience

We are said to live in the land of Now.
Who likes to wait?

But, when it comes to dealing with anything medical or financial, you have to exercise patience.

You call a company and you seldom get a person.
You get a series of press 1 or 2 until you get to a person or to a queue where you patiently listen to a voice telling you thanking you for waiting.
15 times.
And don't forget the wait time.
Sure, I have an hour.

You have to show patience when waiting for medical test results or even just to get back to see the doctor or to have the doctor come in.

You have to have patience when you start medication.
If only it started working right away.

Some diagnoses take forever to get.
But, it's OK.
You're not dead.
You can wait.

When you want to get a loan, you have to be patient.
All you want to know is if you can have the damn money.

When you try and lower the interest rate on your credit card. you have to exercise patience.
You have to talk to several people who all tell you no.
Call it tenacity, bitchiness, whatever.
It is still being patient because you are jumping through all those hoops and not giving up.

There is that old saying:
Hurry up and wait.

Very apt.


  1. Its a fine art to be patient because we all do indeed need to exercise it in all aspects of our lives.


  2. Betty, Patience may be a virtue, but it can really suck.

  3. Yep, with both we have to have it, not that we want to. Especially health crap, as getting better can take years.

  4. Patience and persistence is often what is needed and seem to go hand in hand. I do consider myself a patient person...for the most part:)


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