Friday, April 15, 2016

My Miracle

Life can be pretty crappy sometimes and something comes along to put everything into perspective.

About a year ago, my nephew got his miracle. He was speeding down a gravel road and lost control, Major rollover and the top of the car was smashed like you wouldn't believe.
He and his friend walked away.
I don't know how.

Three years ago, my father-in-law had heart bypass surgery.
At first, everything seemed great.
After that one by one things went wrong and he was on life support. The doctors even suggested to my mother-in-law that they take him off.
Honeyman went and talked her off the ledge and persuaded her to come home for a few days.
He also told my father-in-law that if he was going to fight, he needed to start. I am sure he probably heard him.
Slowly, he did get better.
He is still alive.
Missing toes and breathing hard, but here.
That was his miracle, but he really doesn't remember it.

My miracle came about 12 years ago. It was more my daughter's, but I am still counting it as mine.
I know that I have mentioned that my daughter almost died before and that is what this is about.
It was an extremely hot August day. I should have been working out in the garden, but it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit so I stayed in.
That turned out to be the best decision I could have made.
I was upstairs on the computer. Kiddo complained of a headache so she was laying on the couch.
Suddenly, I hear her throw up and I called down to see if she was OK.
I start to head down and all of a sudden a horrible scream.
I came down and she couldn't talk.
I took her in the bathroom to bathe her.
While in the tub, her eyes rolled back in her head, she threw up again and went limp.
I thought she was going into a coma when her eyes rolled back in her head.
I called my in-laws.
They came out and told me instead of taking us to the hospital to call 911.
I hadn't thought of that.
The town near me has a great volunteer EMS crew and so many showed up.
They ended up life flighting her to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines.
It turned out that she was having non-stop seizures. They had to give her paralyzing medication to stop them or she would have seized to death.
Since, they did not know what was going on and Honeyman was there when the life flight landed he was taken to see her.
He said she looked dead. He thought she was.
At a children's hospital, they work back from worst case scenario to best because a child is more susceptible to things.
So, in the ICU, she got her stomach pumped and had ct scan, mri, eeg, etc,etc.
No cause was found so she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Epilepsy is two or more seizures of unknown origin.
She had one more seizure in the hospital before we left. It was not as severe because she was on medication.
All together, she was in the hospital for four days.
I am so blessed that she made it. I will always be grateful.
She was on Dilantin for 2-1/2 years and outgrew epilepsy. Children can do that.

That time will stay with me forever.
So, when something big happens and a kid dies and I hear parents talk about hugging their kids a little tighter it bugs me.
Cause it doesn't stick.
A few weeks down the road and it's business as usual.

It shouldn't be that way. You never know what is going to happen.


  1. So good that you were home and that you could get her the help quickly like you did! Glad too that she did outgrow the seizures! Miracles do come in so many different ways.


  2. Miracles sure can come every way and yeah, how quickly many forget. Never knew it could be outgrown.

  3. Pat, I do believe there is a lesson in everything. I wish we didn't need so many.

  4. Your point is not lost on me. Every day should count for something otherwise why are we even here?

  5. Wow! You had to deal with so much and I don't have kids but this is a parents worst nightmare...their child dying and I'm glad she is healthy now but so scary. I have known more than one person who called a family member, forgetting to call 911.

    1. Birgit,yes it was a nightmare. I have friends that have lost children and I am fortunate that I did not.I showed this to my husband but he didn't want to read it and relive the day. Thank you for telling me that about 911.

  6. That's a lot of miracles! And you are so right! People say one minute "hold your children/loved one close" and the next they are back to business as usual. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that you have loved ones you ought to be spending more time with and loving on so often. We think about money, power, moving up in the world … when maybe where we are is good enough. Maybe we should be focusing on our loved ones more and possessions less. Thanks for the reminder!


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