Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just Call Me the Material Girl

It's turning into a completely digital world.

CDs, DVDs, books~
Who needs 'em?

That's who.

I don't need no stinkin' cloud.
Unless, you wanna count that one up high in the sky.

Did I have an ebook for sale?
Yes, I do.
But, it is also available in paperback.

Do, I ever download music?
Why, yes I do.
But, I do, because they are a bargain and I end up burning them to a CD.
But, if I don't get a discount, I just buy the CD.
This way, I get the pretty paperwork.

I just like to hold what I paid for.
I like knowing that if my power goes out, I can still read a book without worrying that the charge is gone.

I still use an actual phone book, address book, and dictionary.
I look in those before going online to find out.

My medical book from Merck gets more use then WebMD.

I still buy checks.
Sometimes it is just simpler than online pay.
And cheaper if the company charges $5 or $7 to pay online.

Technology has its place.
It's where I learned my uncle has cancer that, try as he might, he will never defeat.
It's where I learned to make friends continents away from me.

I have a spot for it, but that is it.

When I buy something, I want to hold it.
Simple as that.

It might not be the original meaning of materialistic, but in this digital age I think it fits.



  1. It is nice to have things to use when the power goes out or the computer breaks or whatever. The only major perk I like with digital as it saves me room

    1. Pat, I know what you mean. I have a wall full of books and CDs in my room.

    2. I have a wall full of hea...oops, I've said too much.

  2. I mostly listen to downloadable books on my iPhone. But lately I have been also buying the hardcopy of the book. I realized that I missed seeing the words and being able to leaf through the pages to a memorable phrase or passage. Also, if I like the book a lot, I would want to lend it to someone else. Can’t do that with an audible version.

    1. lyndagrace, I have heard the not being able to lend the book before. I agree with that being a downside.

  3. I also own a real dictionary. But it acts as a stand for my tablet. I do use it, though. It smells "old book."

    I'm old school.

    1. Sadly, Susie, my dictionary binding is getting weak so I may have to retire it.

  4. I rather have a real book instead of a "Nook" oe "Kindle" any time.

    1. Munir, it's hard to curl up with electronics.

  5. Sorry about your uncle. Technology is wonderful but it is also good not to rely on it. I know a few years ago the San Diego area lost electricity for up to 22 hours in certain places. It made people have to actually talk to each other, LOL, and play board games and people vowed to turn a bit from technology. I would hope they kept their promise and did set some time to uplug and reconnect.


    1. Thanks, Betty. He's in good spirits so that will keep him going for a while.
      I don't honesty know why people want to be connected all the time. But, I am sure those same people think I am weird for not wanting to be.

  6. Hey, if it wasn't for technology, you would have never met me.
    Oh, well, that's probably not a good advertisement for technology.

    1. Al, you are full of all kinds of good material. :)


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