Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Feel Lacking

Sometimes, I just feel lazy.
But, that's not really it.

I just don't seem to get much accomplished.

Sure, sometimes I lack motivation.
But, sometimes I just lack the stamina to get it all done.

I lack the funds to pay someone to do things.
I lack the funds to get the parts to do it myself.

I lack new bath towels.

I lack a lot of things in my life.

I get depressed about it.
No lack of that in my life.

I start to realize what I don't lack.

I don't lack stupidity.
I don't lack empathy.
I don't lack in creativity.

I do not lack in the many ways of cooking hamburger and chicken.
Or pasta.

I do not lack in the art of pissing my mother off.
In fact, I think I can do that better then anyone.

So, yeah....
I feel lacking.

In a  "is the glass half empty or half full?" kind of way.


  1. Not lacking in creativity is a special gift!!

  2. It changes, it will... life is lacking in so many lacking ways, was that are just lacking in this post.

  3. Lack here, lack there, always lacking to spare.

  4. Can I join you and make a club of people who have lacking. LOL

    I know that you do not lack in human touch, sympathy and honesty ! a lot of people lack in those.

  5. I think its good you don't lack in cooking chicken and pasta dishes; my two favorites :)


    1. Betty, I think I could give up eating a lot of things, but I don't think I could say good-bye to chicken.

  6. To feel lacking is to be living. Or something like that; I'm lacking in a more meaningful comment.

    1. That OK, Robyn. I was lacking in a good L word.

  7. Many times I feel lazy.
    But, I never feel like doing anything about it.

    1. Al, if you did, that would defeat the whole purpose.

  8. Hmmm...I wonder what you do to piss of your mother.
    You are not lacking in comments!

    1. OFF your mother... typing in the dark.

    2. Susie, I don't exactly have the submissive demeanor of my older sisters. But, one time my aunt(her sister) and uncle said to me "she's kid of owly, isn't she?" Maybe just a little.


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