Monday, April 6, 2015


Sometimes I feel like that empty vase on the shelf.
The flowers are gone and so is the water feeding the flowers.

I am the water, giving energy to the flowers.
Sometimes, the flowers suck up all the water and there is just nothing more and I have to find some more to add to the vase.

After a while, the water isn't enough and you have to get rid of the flowers.
The water is nasty so that has to go too.

Later I won't be empty.

But, not today.


  1. There's lots going on in this wee post… I'm sending energized hugs your way.

    It's okay to have an empty day… I have my share of them too. I don't fight them anymore. In fact, I find myself empty, with nothing to give, I start asking… of those around me, that care about me, to share some of theirs… whatever that maybe. Seems to work.

    I hope you find fresh flowers to fill that vase, and water to nourish them. Smiles and hugs, xxoo

  2. Sometimes my head feels empty. :-\

  3. Sometimes I feel like a fire hydrant.
    Who yells at his dog to stay the heck away.


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