Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gluten For Punishment

Yes, I am one of those people.
You know.
The Gluten Free People.

It all started simple enough.
I read that book " Wheat Belly ".
I decided to see if giving up wheat would help me feel better.

And it did.
At first.

I was asked if I was giving up gluten or just wheat.
I didn't realize that it was everywhere so I said I barely ate anything with gluten, but primarily just the wheat.

But, I'd eat rice krispies or milky way candy bars and I'd feel not so good.
They have barley malt for sweetener.

So, I thought maybe I was off on the wrong track.

And certain things I could not eat anymore cause they had wheat.
Good-bye cream condensed soup.

Then I drank beer and was sick for a couple weeks.
So, I said no more of that.

Read some lovely articles about how it was hybridized wheat and old school spelt, einkorn, or emmers was fine.
Even "Wheat Belly" doctor said they worked for him.

I stupidly bought some organic spelt to bake with.
Not my best idea in the world.

It was all in front of me.
I had problems for years.

So, off to the doctor I went.
I got a "considered celiac" diagnosis based on symptoms and family history.
That and an order not to eat gluten.
Yay, me!

When I want bread, this is what I get. $5-7 for that itty bitty loaf.
When normal people want some good white bread, this is what they get.

On my bad days, I get a little tired of people saying crap about "those gluten free people".
It's not a choice.
I didn't choose the gluten free life.
The gluten free life chose me.

I was going to stick a recipe or two in here, but this is getting longer than I planned so I will save that for another day.


  1. I would imagine it must be difficult for you to find foods which are truly gluten free. It does seem, though, that awareness of celiac has increased and that there is more of a selection.

    1. Lyndagrace, there is more and more all the time and that is nice

  2. Hey Ru
    Your loaves are beautiful, lovely and enticing to bite into. I'm struggling to bake a good sourdough loaf again but as I say, even the flops taste good. I think or perhaps know I also have the problem with wheat but with a ton of other things too. That is why I'm doing the fermentation. I hear there is a special diet out there (GAPS DIET) that if I stick to it for a while, the gut will heal. I read wheat belly too but I had more affecting me than just the wheat.
    Good luck with the gluten.

    1. Thanks, Manzanita. I have heard that sourdough does something to the gluten so it can be digested even by the gluten intolerant. I have not tested that though. But, it would be nice.

  3. After years of suffering-one if my sisters was diagnosed with celiac disease -best to you with all the restrictions

    1. Lynn, thanks. It isn't so bad. There are worse things to have and I try to look at what I can eat and not what I can't.

  4. I had to do it my damn self, drs. didn't help what so ever. I cut out gluten garbage and everything started to get better. So I diagnosed myself with celiac and said screw them. Now no gluten, processed crap, gmo or dairy. Doesn't leave much, huh? lol

    1. Pat, my GI didn't do much either. Basically I knew what the problem was and all he did was agree and tell me to come back in 2 months. I should give up dairy too. I cut back but not out completely. Glad you are doing better.

  5. I feel the same way about nut allergies. People saying crap about them.

    1. Susie, I don't know why people have to say stuff about any food intolerances or allergies.It's not like the person wants to never be able to eat something that may contain traces of that food.
      By the way, did you know that pink peppercorns are actually a type of nut in the cashew family?

  6. I have seen two people I care about go from starving to death to health after giving up gluten. So thankful they figured it out on their own even though their tests came back negative. I think those tests have a lot of false negatives.

    I have been gf for about five days now to see if it helps my ibs. No change yet. How long did it take you to see a difference? My boy seemed to see a difference within a few days. Thanks!

    1. Gail, there are lots of false negatives. You have to be eating a fair amount of gluten and biopsies don't always catch damage because it can be patchy and the villi has to be 80% destroyed for it to be considered celiac.
      Timing is different for everyone. It took a few months before the rocks in abdomen feeling went away along with the feeling that my insides were being scraped. I still get twinges sometimes, but a lot better.

    2. Thanks for the swift reply.


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