Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Story of the Unity Candle

Do you remember when everyone had unity candles at their weddings?

Well, not me.
Cause I had a judge marry me and Honeyman in the judge's flower garden.
We wanted to do it at the courthouse.
But, the judge thought that was unromantic.
Translation- he wanted the fee he could charge for doing it away from the courthouse.

But, anywho- back to the unity candle.

For anyone that doesn't know about them, here is the rundown.
There are three candles, two tapers and one big unity candle.
The bride and groom lights a taper and uses them to go together and light the single unity candle.

Do you think it's a bad sign if the couple can't get the unity candle to light?

Maybe God was trying to tell them something.

I was at a wedding several years ago when just such an occurrence happened.
They got through the ceremony OK until they got to the lighting time.
Try and try they did.
It just wouldn't light.

Eventually the groom lit the thing with his lighter.

Maybe they figured that it was worth it since they had to work at it.

It wasn't.
Five years later they divorced.

I'm telling you it was a sign.

He is due to get married again this summer and they already printed the programs.
I have no clue.
But, all the programs got misprinted.

Another sign?
It could be.


  1. Ruth, dear friend, I wished you had audio for these comments - I am cracking up over here - this was exactly what I needed - a seriously good laugh.

    I have heard of and seen Unity candles in action - but never like you... that was so funny.

    Then... when I read about the program... I bet he's just glad he's not one of Al's Sea Slugs... (laughing my tush off over here)

    Have a great "U" day! I hope it's all about U... maybe you'll Take Time and go for a wander... (ohh... note how I threw a "W" in there) :P :)


  2. Jenny, I'd never been to such an amusing wedding.
    Have a great U day yourself! Your comments always make me smile.

  3. i do believe in signs---the unity candle would have freaked me out---anything extra, would have pushed me over the edge :)

    1. The bride seemed more embarrassed than anything.

  4. never seen them before either

    1. Adam, that fad seems to have been replaced with layering sand together.

  5. If only all the couples to be had a sign. LOL
    Like Dr.Cox says (from Scrubs), "One of us have to be wanting to stay in the marriage for it to survive". I guess at least one.

    1. Dr. Cox was always full of good advice.

  6. It sounds like it was a fun wedding! Although the bride was probably not amused.
    Hopefully, he and his future wife will be able to straighten out the program.

    1. Julie, I guess the place let her redo them free so that's a plus. On the other hand, she has been having nightmares about something going wrong at the wedding.


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