Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Just Poured

And poured
and poured.

The thunder and lightening continued on and off all day.

The road is a muddy mess.
So, is the garden.

I'd take a picture, but I don't want to go out in this mess.

Roads are closed south of here because of all the rain.

Is the drought over?
It seems to be.

Honeyman says "You know why it finally rained so much?"
We hooked into rural water.

It is supposed to quit raining this morning.
But, than we might get a mix of rain and SNOW.
At the very least, plenty of sleet.

Where is spring?

I know April showers and all that jazz, but I've got a garden to plant.
I've got to move that big hump of dirt in my front yard.

I have got to get out of the house.

I have spring fever
or cabin fever
or whatever the hell fever it is.

I am just ready for the skies to quit opening up and pouring all this rain/snow on me so I can get some stuff done.


  1. I understand you wanting spring, Ruth. But I would really love a good thunder and lightening storm right now!!!

    1. Judy, I really don't mind a good thunderstorm. But, I don't remember the last time it was an all day and night event.

  2. We had too much rain and I understand your yearning for spring. What good is sixty degrees when it is wet everywhere huh?

    1. Munir, I could go for some 60 degree weather too. It will just reach that and turn cold again.

  3. Yikes!!! I think that's the storm we're supposed to get tomorrow night. But, it will be 77 degrees here, so no sleet, snow, or any of that other wintry muck.

    1. Al, thankfully we just ended up with sleet. But it snowed about 5 miles west of here.

  4. You had me cracking up with Honeyman's comment. hahahaha
    Time to unhook and break this cycle. Did you hook to rural because your well had problems - my recall is lousy so you'll have to refresh my one remaining brain cell.

    As I sit, in the Lost and Found, my fingers are like ice - even though I've got the heat all the way up - damn cold here. We never had a proper winter and I think it's debating arriving now! Wet, wet, wet, soggy, soggy, soggy and f*&$#ing cold... bone chilling cold. Me no happy! Let's blame Al - he's too happy!


    1. It is Al's fault. He put the snow blower away for the year.
      Jenny, the well is fine. We were just rationing so bad. At low tide, the earth sucked the water gone. I didn't even know that happened, but it went dry at low tide but came back a couple days later.
      I still get my drinking water out of the well. Nasty fluoridated, chlorinated tap water. When I take a bath, it smells like I'm in a swimming pool.


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