Wednesday, April 10, 2013

That's Interesting

Isn't that an awfully ambiguous statement?

Is it interesting in a good way
a bad way
or a "you are insane and I am humoring you" kind of way?

I just never really know.
Especially if it's written in a comment or an email.

A few weeks back, I sent one of my sisters an email with a link to something that was found underneath the earth's surface here in Iowa.
The crater found was determined to be 470 million years old.

I thought it was neat
so I sent it on.

I didn't even think about her belief that the earth is only 6000 years old.
So, what I apparently thought was interesting in a good way was just plain goofy to her.

I got a "Thanks, that interesting."

At first,I thought
she thought it was cool too.
Than later, I started to wonder what she really meant.

I am not sure that I really want to know.

Font doesn't exactly scream out sentiment.
But, I guess even when said out loud, it can be hard to tell.

The word interesting can be interesting to figure out.
That is if you are interested to find out.


  1. omgosh---funny my first comment on my post today was--interesting.... i wondered haha;)

    1. That's funny. But, sometimes there is nothing that says it better.

  2. Hmmm....that's another one that I use far too much. Just hmmm...

    1. Gail, I write that hmmm...a lot it seems.

  3. It can really be dismissive sometimes . . . "oh, that's interesting." now leave me alone, kind of thing. Very hard to tell sometimes! New follower here from A to Z.

    1. It keeps you guessing, Judy. Thanks!

  4. I think "interesting" is just a nice way of saying "frickin weird."


    1. You could be right about that, Robin.

    2. I have been typoing all day. Sorry, Robyn.

  5. 1 - That's interesting. = whatever
    2 - That's interesting! = hmm...thanks for sharing: small "wow" factor
    3 - That's interesting! :) = Holy Hannah, great stuff: much bigger "wow" factor
    4 - That is interesting!! :) = damn, you are good - love being kept in the loop, high five

    Yup... there are lots of different ways of saying "that's interesting" and have it understood... according to me, the queen of way too much punctuation for expression! hahaha

    That was interesting, Ruth!!! :P : ;) :) :) *silly grin* - added "wow" factor for extra points


  6. I use it all the time. I usually say it when you got me thinking on a subject. But I really like your interpretation of "you're insane and I am humoring you". So, since I need to decide if I will continue to use my one word comment to let someone know I read their words and need to think more on it or not. Whatever I decide, I have a feeling I will think of you often. So, with that... Interesting! :)

  7. Emmlyjane, I use it too. It never even hit me until I heard it from my sister.


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