Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Quit

I wish that people would just quit.

Quit being offended at every little thing.
If you don't agree
agree to disagree or keep your mouth shut.

Quit asking for prayers.
When  I grew up, it was considered a no-no to ask for prayers.
But, now it seems to be OK.
I mean, fine- ask for prayers for someone else.
But, just quit on asking for prayers so you can get a job or you'll find a good sale.

Quit saying uh and um all the time.
Cause I REALLY, REALLY hate that.

Quit posting on Facebook that it is your time of the month.
Does TMI mean nothing to you?

Quit giving your babies entire cakes for their 1st birthday, thinking it's all cute.
Cause it's not.

I could go on and on.
But, I think I will just quit for now.


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe a little Gail. I felt a vent was in order.

  2. constant prayers are a pet peeve of mine too. I also hate the term "prayers can move mountains", mountains moved by prayer: Zero.

    1. Adam, never thought of that. I do believe you're right. :)

  3. Oh man, I totally agree with you on the offense and prayers for anything under the sky. And what is up with those crazy FB posts? I'm surprised people haven't started posting pics of their underwear yet.....Who knows, maybe they have! :)

  4. I'm laughing at everything you wrote and Adam's comment. Amen, but no prayers, to all of that. And that stuff on facebook about "Tonight I have a date with my sweetie" or "Woohoo, retail therapy time" or "Look at the gourmet meal I'm having for dinner" -- I wish they'd quit it all. But don't YOU quit, Ruth. Keep telling it like it is. You're awesome.


    1. Oh Robyn, you are going to make me blush.

  5. I totally agree on TMI.

    I do ask for prayers for others who are suffering. As far as I am concerned our good and bad are both not here to stay. So I just stay put and be patient.

    1. Munir, I see nothing wrong in praying for others. It shows you care.

  6. well i agree with ya on a couple of things--not on the prayer though--too much need---great use of the q day ruth!

    1. Lynn, I don't mind prayers. But, some people ask for them about everything. When people are praying that evil leaves the house because someone in that house has a cold, I think that is a bit much.

  7. I so get it with those idiotic FB posts (and this coming from a troll who's on Facebook a lot). I really couldn't care less that your bout with Irritable Bowel Syndrome is at an end and that you can wear white again.
    As far as prayers....? While I'm sure that most are sincere pleas, I wonder how many are just disingenuous requests "just because that's what you're supposed to do?"
    I think it's similar to dopey Hollywood celebrities adopting accessories (i.e., African babies), because it's chic.
    I think, in the face of tragedy and/or stressful times, devout people will pray. They don't need to be solicited.
    "Hey, did you see that tragedy in [insert location here] where all those poor people were hurt or killed? We should pray."
    "Wow. You know, that's a great idea. Why didn't I think of that?"
    OK, now I'LL quit.

    1. Al, you are speaking my language.

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