Monday, April 15, 2013

Moms Work

If you are a mom, you work.
End of story.

I am sick of all this crap about working mothers versus stay at home mothers.

Lately I see a lot of stuff  from memes to blog posts to hearing it from people I know that staying at home is so easy.

I used to hear it from both sides.
The stay at home moms are quiet, as of late.

I've been on both sides and in both you don't get it all.
Like everything in life, there is a trade off.

I work.
I work at home and don't get a paycheck.
But, I work.

Many a times, I work my ass off.

Mothers that are employed outside the home work.
And work hard.
They get paid for their work.

There are times that I am so tired from cleaning, gardening, canning, and whatever else I am doing that day that cooking a meal is not something I want to do.
But, with staying home, comes not affording the little extras.

But, when you work outside the home, you might only have time for convenience foods because you still have to take care of things around the house.
I know when I worked outside the home, we had to buy convenience foods because I wasn't home to cook or if I was I didn't have time or didn't want to do much.

It is nice not having to go punch a clock.
But, sometimes it really sucks staying home all the time.


  1. After Mrs. Penwasser gave birth to our kids, I took time off from work to help.
    I was so glad to get back to my job because there was too much work at home.
    God bless her!

    1. Al, don't you wonder how we do it?
      Good for you for taking time off to help out.

  2. I stayed home when my kids were small, and busted my hump just as much as when I went back to work after they grew up.

  3. The roles are reversed at my house now, I work and hubby who is retired, stays at home doing all the home stuff. I much prefer going to work because at least when you get home you'r done, if you work at home, there's always something else to do, it never ends! :)

    1. Alex, you are so right about that. Many times I have heard my husband tell me on his days off he is not going to do anything and I always think "wouldn't that be nice?"

  4. I used to have a t-shirt that said "Every Mom is a Working Mom." You are so right, Ruth.

    1. Gail, I like that. I wonder if you can still buy them.

  5. What a timely post, Ruth.

    I have always worked, before, during and after having a child. In my case I did the single mother schtick as well - and now, though I'm semi-retired I feel I work even more. The stuff around the house does not do itself (never has) and as of this last year and a bit I tend to an ageing mother.

    Today, as the sun popped out behind the clouds I made an effort to mow the lawn, trim the edges, weed, rake excess leaves from my tree out front - cooked meals for the week, am now just heading out to do a bit of grocery shopping (love going late) and I managed to get a couple of loads of laundry in there as well.

    I wished I received a pay cheque for "house work" - personally, Ruth, I've always had the highest respect for the mother that works maintaining a home and her family. Here's to you!


    1. I think I've told you before, Jenny, that I can't imagine single parenthood. That's one tough gig.

  6. Not making money when you work your butt off really sucks. I think I'd also go stir crazy, though, just being home all day. Sorry Ruth. But yeah, at least you're not a single parent.


    1. Robyn, don't be sorry. If I was working all the time, I would not be able to garden and can and freeze which is better than what you can buy in a store. That's the trade off and it is worth it to me.

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