Friday, March 25, 2011

It's the Silver Lining

It is indeed true what they say.
Whoever THEY are.

But THEY say that every cloud has a silver lining.

And I always try to look for it.

Sometimes I have to look really, really hard.
Stick my head way in there just to find it.

I believe I have found the sliver of a lining in all this world fighting and natural disasters.

Ya know what it is?

Charlie Sheen is no longer all over the news.

I know it doesn't balance out too well.
But, he is out of the news.

Barley pop?

Look at him!
This man is is not healthy.
The way he rants and raves about anything and everything along with his physical appearance just screams addict.
One of these days his heart is going to explode.

What is the human fascination with waiting for a train wreck to happen?

Maybe some guys are fascinated by the fact he's got 2 porn stars living with him.
Of course he does.
They love money, he's got money.
They like to party, his life is a party.

Dude, they sure aren't staying with him for his gentleness.
He's got tiger blood don't ya know?

I know eventually the media would have quit talking about him.
The three week rule and all that.

But bombing Libya just speeded it up a little bit.

Silver Lining.


  1. I agree, the Charlie Sheen obsession is so ridiculous, kind of like the Brittany Spears train wreck episodes or Amy Winehouse stuff, someone posted on facebook that Charlie Sheen and the Situation from Jersey Shore would be "performing" in DC and asked people what they thought - my comment was that it was the movie "Idiocracy" coming true!! Haha
    Even though I do watch Jersey Shore, I know I should be ashamed!

  2. Oh my! I saw the Situation on the Donald Trump Roast and he was just horrible. Everyone booed him.


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