Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy, Happy Day!

Today is just a great day.

The sun is shining.
It's 63 degrees.
Oh yeah!

That's what I'm talking about.

A coat free day.
A kid free day AND night.
And a honeyman home night.

All at the same time.

That just does NOT happen too often.

Kiddo is on Spring Break and spending some time with her great-aunt and also her grandparents.

Oh we have also seemed to have acquired another cat.
She came out of nowhere- or out from behind one of my spruce trees.

She is the tiniest little thing.
Kiddo has already named her.
She shall now be known as Splotch.

We've already had a Sprinkles and a Patches and even a Cali(cause she was calico).
And she's got splotches so it fit.

I'm not fond of the name.
But, whatever.
Kiddo is happy.
And it is just a name.

A rose by any other name and all that jazz.

Well, now I gotta go fix a meal that Honeyman and I love and Kiddo hates.



  1. She is adorable! I kind of like the name! Have a great rest of your day Ruth!

  2. She's adorable, and I do like her name. What's the meal you love and kiddo hates? Inquiring minds want to know...

  3. Thanks, Alex. She's a sweetie and does her little kitty talk when I hold her.
    I made meat shell- potato pie. The shell is like meatball mixture pressed into a pie plate. Than it is cooked and filled with mashed potatoes and topped with bacon and cheese.
    Honestly, when I was her age I probably wouldn't have liked it either. :)

  4. Enjoy your day!! Even though I posted about rain we had a wonderful sunny weekend and lived it up to the fullest! So have fun!!


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