Monday, February 28, 2011

Did They Forget?

How to pay attention?
How to think?
How to read?

I am not sure which one it was, but lots of people need to start doing those things.

Kiddo has bronchitis.
Took her to the doctor today.

She can't have codeine or hydrocodone so she is limited with strong cough syrup.
Meaning all prescription kind contains either or.

I made sure the PA knew that she couldn't have either of those meds even though it should be in her chart.
The PA mentions an OTC and than mentions that the doctor has a cough syrup that he designed and it has no narcotics but we have to go to the one pharmacy that blends it.

Even though we don't go there since it is in a town out of the way, we decide for the good of Kiddo we will.

We take the script over and the lady takes down the info.
Including the fact she is allergic to codeine and hydrocodone.

She writes it right on the script for God sakes.

We wait while the pharmacist fills it.
We go to pay and she mentions the special cough syrup and I said we were getting it because Kiddo can't have codeine or hydrocodone.
She gives me a funny look and tells me "Oh, it has codeine in it."

So, we obviously can't buy it and she calls the doctor's office and has to leave a message
we wait.

They call back and tell them to give us the OTC we could have gotten at any pharmacy.


The PA should have known what was in the cough syrup.
The pharmacist should have read the damn script that said at the top that she was allergic to one of the ingredients.

How difficult is any of this stuff to understand?

Do not give.

It's been a fun day.


  1. I have found in my own life this happens a lot. I am the one that has to remind everyone what is okay and what isn't, even though it is written in the records. I even have to do that at the vet clinic for my pets. No one reads the files anymore...maybe because of the overload of patients...I don't know. What I do know is that if I want to stay alive, I had pretty well remember it all myself.

  2. That's crazy! You would think of all people that those in the medical field would be especially careful of things like this.

  3. I know. No one seems to read, or pay attention. How sad is that?

  4. I am so not looking forward to our future child getting sick. My sister tells me that the doctors don't want you to give the little ones the cold medicine anymore and then there is the whole issue with the antibiotics and over prescribing - the whole thing seems awful. I was just prescribed medicine I can't take because I am trying to get pregnant and it says you can't take it if you are even trying to get pregnant. I put down on my intake that I was taking prenatal vitamins, so why did he prescribe that drug for me? So annoying!

  5. Sometimes I don't think drs pay attention to the side effects or who shouldn't take something.


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