Friday, February 18, 2011

It All Takes Time To Process

Why do companies did to take all the time in the world to process a check or refund, but I can't take all the time I want to process the bills and send them a check?

No, sorry. Can't do that.
I must pay in two or three weeks.

But they get to pay in two or three months and that is just OK.

One time I was supposed to get a refund for some medical thing and the hospital told me I would get it in about three months.
They wouldn't wait three months for me to pay them.
By that time, I'd be in collections.

Because they have to go through all the proper procedures.
Maybe I have proper procedures.
Do they ever think of that?

They have the moolah they just don't want to give it up.

If they are so big it takes that long to go through proper channels, maybe they are too big.

Do they care that I had to pay for something that I really hadn't budgeted for and therefore need the money?

No, not one little bit.

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