Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day the Light Went Out on Me

The cooking light went out in my microwave/speedcook oven/ oven.

I have never had that happen.

In my regular oven, yes and also the light under the microwave went out.

But, this is the light that comes on when you open the door and when the microwave is running.

I don't know when it went out. Shows how much attention I pay to it.

One day I opened it to clean it and thought it seemed kind of dark in there.
But, didn't give it much thought.

A light comes on during the speedcook and the microwave heated the food so I just thought
nah, it's fine.
A few days later I am heating up some water and notice it is all dark but it appears to be running.
The water is hot so yay! it works.

Couldn't find anything in the manual so Honeyman looked on the internet.
He found something but has to take it apart to get to the bulb just to find out what size it takes.

That was a few days ago and I am wondering when he is going to do this.

If I have to wait the same amount of time that it took for him to fix a handle on my pan I may be in for a LONG ASS wait.
Seriously, it has been years and there it still sits.

I may need to gently remind him.
Oh so gently.
Cause that's how I do things.

I am lucky that he can work on appliances.
I am not too mechanical.

Yes, I have put together a vacuum and I also have changed the oil on a car.
But, he is an HVAC guy so he is qualified for this.


  1. I agree that anything technical with any appliance has to be taken care of by the guy. I all for woman power and if I could figure those things out I would, but I am not good at that stuff. Cars, machines, not so much! :)

  2. I wish I was good at that stuff.
    But, this way Honeyman feels he has value and that's important too. LOL


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