Monday, February 21, 2011

Strange Occurrences

Every once in a while strange things happen in my house.
Odd noises that aren't just the settling of my almost 100 year old house.
Noises that sound kind of like people talking or a radio- it isn't quite clear.

Sometimes lights on electronics are changed from standby to on when we have all been asleep.
There have been times we have gone outside and go to come back in and find ourselves locked out.

We have a turn lock and we are not going to turn the lock when we are just outside.

Saturday night/Sunday morning there was another odd happening.

Not sure exactly when because I was asleep.

I woke up about 4:30 in the am and thought it seemed light outside and like it shouldn't be.
I roll over and look at the clock and yep, it's supposed to still be dark.
So, I lay there a few minutes trying to decide what is making it seem so light.

I get up and find my Christmas lights are on.
They were set to white so it didn't seem quite too stupid to anyone driving the countryside in the middle of the night.
But, still how did they get on?

The remote is inside on a shelf so plugging them in won't do anything.

Sitting next to the remote is the answering machine which is blinking 0.
It does that if power is lost or someone hits the button to set the clock on it.

We didn't lose power.

Honeyman thinks maybe it was some kind of frequency thing.
Like the door opener remote operating other things.
But, who is going to drive around on gravel roads hitting their garage door opener remote?

I am thinking aliens
maybe it is all courtesy of our resident ghost.
Kiddo believes it's a girl.

I am leaning more towards the ghost theory.
Why would aliens come all this way to turn on my Christmas lights and mess with my answering machine?


  1. Oooooeeeee...having a ghost sounds the neatest, but probably some kind of electrical glitch makes more sense...but then there is that locked out of the house thing...definitely a ghost.

  2. Yep, gotta make sure someone always has a key when we go outside. Just in case.


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