Thursday, February 24, 2011

And So It Goes...

To start off with, Honeyman fixed the light in my microwave.
Sort of.

He opened it up and the light came back on.
So, he called it good and closed it back up.

Flash forward about 5 days.

I pull the door open and there is a big flash of light coming from the grill.
The light goes out and the cooling fan comes on.
The turn table inside also starts turning.

It just wouldn't stop.

It wasn't heating up anything but I put a jar of water in it just in case.

Then the cooling fan noise started to drive me nuts so I unplugged it.

That meant going and getting a footstool from the living room to reach the outlet.

Now I have NO light over the stove to cook with.
And I also had to thaw out meat for supper.

So, I had to keep plugging it back in.
And than I had to set the clock to use it.
Every time!

Even just to turn the light on for over the stove.

So, it was on all through supper making and just when Honeyman gets up the cooling fan and turn table just stop.

Right now it works fine again but no light.

Honeyman thinks there must be a short.
Ya think so, do ya?

Next up is my dryer problems.
It wasn't drying my towels.
My lint vent was full of lint.

You know how you can buy the vents with the little squares on the end to keep birds from flying inside?
Well, there is an unexpected side effect.
No lint can be free to fly out into the wild blue yonder.

It gets trapped by the little squares and plugs up.

And lucky for me this year all the lint froze in it and I couldn't get it out.
Another job for Honeyman.

This time he left the little square thing off until he sees evidence of a bird going in there.
Knowing my luck with birds getting into places they have no business being in, I will go to clean out my lint trap and out will pop a bird.

I have had them fly down my chimney and end up in the basement.
I really can't quite figure how they got out of the chimney.

Honeyman let them out only to have them fly down the chimney again.
Stupid Starlings.

I've also had them fly down the my other chimney and just end up stuck flying around it it.

The fun never ends around here.

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