Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Will Follow You..........

To follow
Or not to follow.

That is the question.

And if I do follow, is it mean to unfollow?

Followers seem to mean a lot to people.
I am really undecided on the whole thing.

I mean, I do like getting followers.
I have creeped up into the double digits.
13, baby.
Who says so?! or is it supposed to be !? I don't know.

It says that the follower likes your blog enough to put it in their reader list.
Or it could mean they are just returning the favor if you became a follower of theirs.

I do appreciate every one of my followers or anyone that sees fit to come visit my little space and see what crap I could come up with today.

I also know that just because someone follows doesn't mean they read it.
And just because someone reads doesn't mean they follow.

As far as unfollowing, I am not good at that.
Even if a blog is not what I thought it would be.
I just feel bad, like I am rejecting the other person.
Is that weird?
I mean, it isn't like that person knows me and chances are they don't even have a clue who left except they have a smaller number of people on the list.
Even the people that never ever update their blogs.

I did unfollow once. I felt bad.
Not sure why because I think he mentioned he only did it for money.
Not like adsense, but like basing each post around a product and he'd get paid.
But, still I felt odd.

I like all the blogs I follow right now.
But, there are those blogs that don't have a new post and haven't had in over a year.
I just can't bring myself to hit that quit following button.

Sometimes things like this make me feel like a gigantic wuss.
I need to start wearing my big girl panties sometime, maybe.

But, without further ado...
I would like to give some shout-outs to some of my followers.

AbsolutelyPrimed writes a couple of different blogs. Over Developed and Under Exposed and I Think I Just Ate my Willpower. Different but both enjoyable and worth checking out.

jdracer is the author of It's Always FUNNY in Colum-bubble. I just started checking out her blog and you should too.

AmbyLand writes the aptly named AmbyLand. It is basically a journal of what's going on in her life. Not always light hearted but always honest.

Last but not least I give you My Blonde Moments- Sharon who writes It's Random, But Relevant- To Me. She has had a lot going on but she is pretty upbeat about it all.


  1. I am very glad you like my blog! I enjoy yours as well. I don't think there is anything wrong with unfollowing. It's your reader and for your enjoyment. No one elses. Thank you for mentioning me :)


  2. Thanks so much for tagging my blog, that means a lot, I know the whole following thing feels like a competition (similar to more facebook friends) and I don't like that, I just feel happy that some people are reading my stuff and it inspires me to keep going. So thanks again and I say just follow who you want to and don't worry about the rest?

  3. @AmbyLand and jdracer, you are very welcome and I know it shouldn't worry me about quit following, I just don't want anyone to feel bad for losing a follower. I worry too much, I know.

    @Meg, thanks for the follow. It is much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for the pimping! Blog love is always appreciated :o)

    I have un-followed a couple of blogs; it tends to get annoying to have to figure out which are adds and which is actual blog. Thankfully blogging is not like FB pages where you have to deal with minute by minute status updates.

  5. I hide so much stuff on FB so I don't have to see every little thing everyone does.


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