Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Been Interesting

This week has been a very interesting week.

Kiddo got a cold and, bless her heart, she passed it along to me.

I got some Mucinex D. It usually works great.
I just made the mistake of buying maximum strength instead of regular.

It's got just a bit too much D in it for me.

I had the worst cottonmouth I have ever had in my life
and I've had things give me cottonmouth before.
I know what I am talking about.

Plus, I couldn't sleep.

I had to be off it two days before the dry mouth went away and I could sleep.

My cold isn't gone, but I couldn't handle the OTC meds.
OK, OTCs that you have to go to the pharmacy counter to get.
So, it's OTC but it's really BTC.
I hate stupid laws.

But, I digress.

I am hoping the last of this cold will have its ass kicked by tomorrow.
I have a Superbowl party to attend.

Go Packers!
Go Steelers!

Honeyman has a favorite NFC team and a favorite AFC team and this year both are in the big game.
I am just a tad more partial to the Steelers, but household loyalty says all of us love both teams.
So, either way we will be happy with who wins.


  1. I hate colds, so I stuff myself with oranges all winter long. Hope yours goes away asap.
    I don't care for either team, my Giants didn't make it, so I won't be watching much of it, I can't stand Rothliesberger.

  2. My husband's been eating a ton of clementines hoping he won't end up with it.
    Big Ben does have big problems, I do agree with you.

  3. Well...could care less about football, but I'm sure you'll have a fun time rooting for both teams. Hope your cold doesn't hang on too long.


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