Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Hodge Podge

I think I have finally started to kick my cold.
I feel better than I have in days.

My head still hurts a little, but no spacey "what's going on" feeling.

Which is good, because I have to make some magic in the middle cookies with Kiddo today.
Her class sponsors some kind of thing in Haiti and they do a bake sale during school.

She would have to pick cookies that take more time to do.
They are super yummy though.
Chocolate on the outside, peanut butter in the middle.
Last week into yesterday was a bad week.
I was just really out of it.
I was reading a few blogs and even commented on a few.
When one is sick, I am not sure that is totally advisable.
At least for me.
I write dumb things.
Average Girl is having a Battle of the Blogs, which I read about.
Hell, I may have commented on that post.
I don't remember.
But, later I read a second post about it and I thought in the back of my head I ought to know what that is.
It just wasn't coming out where I should know that from.
So, I made a comment about it sounding interesting. And when it started, I remembered where I had known it from.
So, I felt really stupid.
But, the comments out there so what can ya do?
Not a damn thing, that's for sure.
Well you can delete, but by then people have already seen it so what is the point?

But, I am feeling better so I believe I can safely make comments and write a post or two.

Honeyman is taking his HVAC licensing tests, which are total nightmares. The tests are a bunch of plumbing code questions. How retarded is that?
IA is refusing to recognize his HVAC-R degree that he earned going to college in this state.
Lovely, when the state is now requiring licensing.
I may be seeing a move in our future.

It is really cold outside.
How cold is it you ask?
It is so cold if a child walked outside with a runny nose, his boogers would freeze to his face instantaneously.

Actually, now the temp is up to 1 degree Fahrenheit.
Still cold enough to freeze boogers.
About 6 in the am it was -10 with a wind chill of -25.

I don't want to go out and check the mail.


  1. So are you trying to say that you made the same comment twice Ruth? Don't worry about it, if you did that, I think I have done that a zillion times.

    Feel better soon!

  2. I just felt bad for reading your post about the battle of the blogs and than later reading another one and my comment sounded like I didn't even know about it and I felt stupid. Maybe it was just me.
    I don't know.

  3. BRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I don't think I would be checking the mail either! I vaguely remember minus zero degree weather in my Colorado Springs days.

  4. Hello Ruth
    Have jsut been out to get my post - in lovely warm sunshine with the temp about 26c/78f. don't worry your turn will come lol
    Thank you for popping in and for your comment on Baby Talk - such a sad state of affairs. My friend has no idea where her dil gets her ideas from but certainly hopes she sees the error of her ways soon Grandma did tell us she certainly didn't do as she was asked and the baby had lots of cuddles that day lol
    Take care
    Do pop in again, would love to see you

  5. It's gonna be that could tomorrow too. Late this week in the 40s though, woohoo.

    78 sounds fantastic. I always have trouble figuring out the c to f thing. Learned it in school, but I have trouble unless I have a chart near me.
    Good for Grandma!

  6. Hey Ruth, thanks for voting for me at Blog Wars! I look forward to reading your blog

  7. jdracecar, you are welcome
    I hope you enjoy my blog


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