Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Coming!

I am really looking forward to it.
It's just a few days away.

New Years- whoopie,
I have bigger things on my mind.

That's right!
It's the Iowa caucus.

Come on, Wednesday!

I know what you all are thinking.
But, Ruth, the caucus is Tuesday not Wednesday.

I know that.

You were probably thinking that I would be so excited to caucus for Newt Gingrich.
After all, who doesn't want a hobbit for the next president?

Alas, I can not do so.
For I am an Independent and I refuse to change parties to go sit in a room for 2 hours and discuss the candidates before throwing my hat behind someone.

The reason I am excited for Wednesday to get here is the lack of campaign ads,
no entire news casts talking about the candidates,
and no more Iowa polls.

At least for a few months.
Until the nominee has been picked.

But, I can relax for a few months.
It will give my mute button a chance to rest.

Ya know, I am glad we are first in the nation in picking a nominee.
While all the other states are continuing to be bombarded by all these ads, I can sit back and enjoy the fact I don't have to see 'em.


  1. I'm an Independent, too, so I'm a Penwasser Non Gratis when it comes to voting in Pennsylvania's primary which is...uh...sometime this spring. The absence of political ads will sadly be short-lived. Imagine the blizzard of ads once the election draws near!

  2. Al, the ads are almost non-stop here right now. The news never lets me forget when ours is. Only 5 weeks away, only 3 weeks until, just days away...Enough already!

  3. That makes sense, I'd be excited too.
    Happy New Year, Ruth!

  4. I watch MSNBC for 10 minutes while I eat breakfast. That's all the news I can stand about the primaries.

  5. Happy New Year, BragonDorn!

    Belle, Here it's on the local channels as well. I can't get away from it.


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