Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too Far, Yahoo

I need to change my email.
Been having problems with yahoo off and on for...

But, I stayed because it was going to be a pain to change all my sites.

Now, all of a sudden yahoo is making me use captchas to reply to emails or forward emails.

Yes, I know it is free email so they can force me to do that.
Or, I can say screw yahoo and use another account.

Which I am going to be doing.

It will take me a while.

But, dammit!
They have just gone too far.

I have already had problems with moving emails to other folders, only to find them back in my inbox.
I delete emails and there they still are.
Already read emails mysteriously reappear as new at random.

Problems with loading emails, you must retry.
It won't load emails I have not seen, but loads emails I already deleted.

That is always nice.
Especially when I have a hundred emails to go through.

I already changed my blogger email.
But, half the emails are going to yahoo, because I made comments on other posts on my yahoo mail.
Anything I did after the switch is going to my mail.

I already checked to see if I could forward from them with no problem and so far so good.

I already told yahoo customer service what I think.
They sent me back a message explaining what a captcha is.

That is another thing...
yahoo customer service is not helpful in any way.

I wonder if they are connected to Directv customer service.
They aren't helpful either.

In fact I think these places just look up answers in the troubleshooting part of the book or website and tell you exactly what it says.

And you tell them you already did that and they says "Let's try it again".



  1. That's all your able to do when you get down to it..

  2. It's such a puzzlement isn't it??? Why would they think it would work if it didn't work the first time? ... sigh

  3. Oh Ruth, sorry for all your frustrations. I hate, hate, hate virtual problems like that. They make me feel angry and helpless. Hang in there.

    Hugs to you.

  4. BragonDorn, That's very true.

    Melissa, It is so frustrating.

    Robyn, I know it's really very minor in the grand scheme of things. It gets irritating though.

  5. Hang in there. Internet can sometimes become such a pain. A lot of my friends are scared even to use it for infomation pupose. I just hope that your personal infomation is safe. I would not put any of my key information ever on the internet. I feel so bad for you. Any thing I can do?

  6. Munir, It's OK. I have had to change my password on yahoo before because they thought it had been compromised. I also changed it right before they started wanting me to do the captcha all the time. I don't put a lot of information out there, but I am sure there is plenty to find if the right person cared to try and find it.

  7. Yahoo=You Always Have Other Options.
    I'm not sure what they are, though.
    By the way, what's a 'captcha'?

  8. Al, That I do. A captcha is a pain in my ass, but apparently Yahoo thinks its something else.


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