Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- More Questions I Have

Things were supposed to slow down after the holidays.
What happened?

Do you ever wonder about things and wonder if other people wonder about those same things?
I do.

So this week's Ten Things Tuesday is more things that I wonder about.

1. What is the black substitute news anchor on CBS's Early Show?
   I really want to know. He also subs on Up to the Minute sometimes. I never seem to catch his name. Now CBS has changed to a new format and no separate news person. I had an idea for my look alike post. I know who he looks like, but I can't find a picture of him and can't find his name. If you know, can you tell me?

2. Does Rick Santorum look like he could use a gift of Phillip's Milk of Magnesia?
    I think so.

3. Why are some people that eat meat against hunting?
   Companies kill the animals, they don't just wait for them to lay down and die.

4. Why do I dread exercise when I feel better when I get done?
    It makes no sense, but that's the it of it.

5. Is it better to live for today or save for a tomorrow that might not be here?
   I never know which is better.

6. Do you know why The New Year's ball dropped at midnight Eastern Time for the whole country?
   Years ago the TV shows used to delay the ball drop until midnight in your time zone. What fun is it to see the ball drop at 11:00 pm?

7.  Where did the saying "raining like cats and dogs" come from?
    I don't understand. I know what it means, just not why.
8.  Why does the government tell us we need to budget when they never do?
   Oh, they do. They just always always run out of money. "Do as I say, not as I do."

9.  Why are all collegiate football teams excited about going to a bowl game?
   Remember when you had the Orange Bowl, the Rose Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl? Than they added the Fiesta Bowl and every year another bowl until all teams have a bowl to go to. It has gotten just sad.

10.  Why would anyone wash a pair of jeans just once a year?
      That's just nasty.


  1. #7: Back in the old days (when Steven Tyler was in school), the peasants used to keep their animals on top of their thatched roofs. When it rained, the roofs got wet, causing the animals to fall through said roofs and onto the aforementioned peasants who were probably fornicating (because there was no TV).
    Dear Lord, have pity on me for knowing this.

  2. The husband and I go around and around about the "spend for today" thing. I usually win (she types from her new Ipad....)

  3. Al, How awesome! I had no idea that I'd actually get an answer for that.

    Dawn, Kudos on the new iPad!

  4. I think Rick Santorum needs a heart from the Wizard of Oz.
    I don't believe in saving tons of money for retirement. My parents knew lots of people who retired and then died that year or the next.

    My daughters were mad about the Times Square time thingy too. It is stupid. Great questions.

  5. Belle, I don't know why anyone likes the guy. He's a bigot. He only got what he did here in IA because of the Family Policy Center and their crap. That's a long story right there.
    That is true about dying right after retiring.
    What is all that saving for?
    I thought it would be nice for my daughter to get to see it at midnight. Bozos!

  6. I was going to comment on a few items you listed then I read the last one about washing jeans only once a year. What?!? That is nasty! As far as people who eat meat being against hunting: Absolutely ridiculous! And the exercise thing: Yeah, me too. :)

  7. I agree with the answer to # 2.

    I also dread exercise, but somehow I thinK I get some while cleaning up and vaccuuming. I do like to go for walks, but it is January. I still have the tiredness set in from November, can you believe it?

  8. Oh, Ruth, I am SUCH a nerd for knowing that. It's a wonder I convinced an attractive woman to marry me (the second time, not the first. The first was a kind of Bigfoot).

  9. All the comments are really tiny now. Odd.
    Jenn, Thanks for stopping by. I knew I couldn't be the only one about exercising. Or I hoped.

    Munir, I know I am ready for some rest one of these days.

    Al, That's OK. I like the nerd in you. I think it is a neat thing to know. Maybe that makes me a nerdette.


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