Monday, January 2, 2012

We are Sheeple, Hear Us BAAAAA

What is sheeple, you ask?

First of sheeple is plural.
It is people + sheep.

I am not sure what the singular would be

I don't know if there would be a single.
It would just be a rogue person.

Anyway, sheeple are people that are said to follow along blindly, never questioning their shepherd.
And/or sheepdog.

Sheeple has become such a big thing, there are sheeple for everything.
Obama supporters are sheeple for thinking he is a good president.
Ron Paul supporters are sheeple because they don't follow the traditional democrat/republican path.
Monsanto supporters are sheeple because they don't believe a company that made Agent Orange is really anything less than good for people.

I think a new word needs to be used to describe these people.
Sheep don't always just hang out together and do whatever the shepherd wants.
That is why he has a staff.

Wait a minute!

Politicians and corporations have a staff and that staff is used to "guide" the sheeple people.
Suddenly it all becomes clear.

And the dogs are sent out to round up the rogue ones.

Oh Crap!


  1. Ohhh..F!!!!!!!
    What IS a singular 'sheeple???'
    No, that makes NO sense! (although....the singular for fish, rice, moose, deer, bass, or beer IS fish, rice, moose, deer, bass, and beer. But, the singular for 'mice' is 'mouse.' And 'houses' is 'house.' Frikkin' English language!)
    How about "Weird-Dude-Who-Lives-In-His-Mom's-Basement-And-Hates-Society-Because-They-Gave-Him-Wedgies-In-High-School-So-Now-He's-Plotting-Their-Demise"?
    Come to think of it, I think I like "Sheerson" better.
    And, let's be honest, beer.

  2. "Weird-Dude-Who-Lives-In-His-Mom's-Basement-And-Hates-Society-Because-They-Gave-Him-Wedgies-In-High-School-So-Now-He's-Plotting-Their-Demise"- that could be my brother in law.

  3. He can't figure out how to move out of his mom's basement, I think I'm safe.

    wheatgerm, yep. :)

  4. I'm a Democrat and was happy when Obama was elected. I expected more from him though. Not the economy, because that was already f@#$%, but I think he could have gotten more done the first two years instead of trying to compromise with the Republicans. There is no compromise with them. I would vote for Obama because there is no one better. I don't know if that makes me a sheeple! :)

  5. BragonDorn, yep ;)

    Belle, You are definitely no sheeple. There are some people that look at him or all the democrats and think they never do anything wrong. That's not you.

  6. Does that mean you're the black sheep?! Better watch out for that staff! ;)

  7. Kara, Yes. You got that exactly right.

  8. If I get one more freakin' phone call about this caucus, I will lose my marbles. It's designed to make me actively dislike anyone who calls. And Rick Perry's people send text messages at 10:30 at night! Three times in a row. Stupid stupid stupid

  9. Sue, that sucks. I have gotten one piece of mail from Ron Paul, but that is it. Last election I was getting calls and mail. I am so glad it is almost over too.


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