Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Wishes

When I was younger, Christmas meant I'd get a couple gifts from my parents and a trip to my grandparents' house  for the day.
I always wanted cool gifts, even though Mom tried to teach us that isn't what Christmas is about.

As I get older, I feel more the meaning of what the Christmas is supposed to be.
Same goes for all religious holidays in December.

It's about love.

I don't wish for things anymore.
Things are nice, but they are just things..

OK, maybe I learned that last year when Honeyman got me one gift and it was a cd that I already had.
I was fine.
I realized I don't care so much about the gifts anymore.

Though it still bugs him, because he just brought it up a couple days ago.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about the types of things I wish for.

1. I wish for my daughter to stay goofy.
  If she's not goofy, she's not happy so I tell her to stay goofy.

2. I wish for the FDA to mandate GMO labeling.
  If I want to eat pesticides, I'll go buy a bag of Round-up.

3. I wish for at least a few more years with my parents.
  Even though my mom drives me insane. But, they are still my parents. They are getting old and tired though.

4. I wish for Honeyman to be able to enjoy his life more.
  He works hard and gets down about things. It's nice to see him happy.

5. I wish I had some zucchini.
  I wish my plant hadn't died. I could buy some, but it is just not the same.

6. I wish my cat allergy would go away. I love to snuggle with my kitty, but she makes me hurt.
I do it anyway.

7. I wish people would accept other people even when they don't agree.
  Examples include: religion, abortion, same-sex relationships, political parties

8. I wish our family could find time to watch out Christmas movies BEFORE Christmas.
  I can almost hear bobble head Ralphie screaming for me to take him out of the box.

9. I wish I could stay home on Christmas Eve.
  I don't see that ever happening, but I always thought it would be so nice.

10. I wish someone would give me an idea what to fix for supper sometimes.

What wishes do you have?


  1. I wish all your wishes will come true!
    Happy Holidays!

    As for me, I wish the unrealistic wish that my family (and extended family) and I will always be together (or that the ones who are left will have a drink on me after I'm gone).

  2. I thought about some wishes and started crying. Not good. I try not to wish for much any more. God, this is a downer but I like you so much I just have to comment. Is that weird?

  3. Your wishes are so earnest.
    # 7 is perfectly doable if each one of us tries.
    # 10 - - - for supper ? how about lemon chicken and Pasta Salad on the side? Mashed sweet potatoes with a light sprinkle of sugar is a good desert, followed by milk ( skim ). it will help kids sleep tight.

  4. Thank you, Al.
    I understand. I can't imagine the day my baby goes out into the world, but I know it is gonna happen.

    Oh, Belle. I didn't mean to make you cry. I am glad you commented. I know what you mean.

    Munir, It is definitely doable, but so many people don't seem to want to try and I don't know why. That supper sounds great. I think I need to buy some chicken so I can make it. Kiddo doesn't like mashed sweet potatoes. I actually tried that last week. But, the pasta salad and chicken is a winner . Thanks for the idea.

  5. That, is a great list. As for supper, I do have an idea (although it's really a cheat) but Swanson now makes these frozen chicken pasta meals in a bag that really do taste like homemade with veggies still tender-crisp. And it's ready in 10 minutes!

  6. Kara, Those are always good to pick up when you need something quick. I have never seen a Swanson one.

  7. #1...I wish my niece would stay goofy, but she's gotten too serious about life, and doesn't have as much fun as before. Miss her bunny tail pants, rabbit eared hat, purple hair, hahaha. Embracing life as much as possible, changing what you can, working around what you can't...life doesn't get much better than that. Want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas of love and togetherness. Take care.

  8. I wish for you a very Merry Christmas and sweet New Year, Ruth.

  9. Yvonne, Thank you. I hope you enjoy your holiday too.

    Robyn, Thanks. Happy Holidays to you too!

  10. I don't have any wishes, really. How about I use your list? It's pretty good! Happy New Year, Ruth!!

  11. Dawn, Sure. I will share. Happy New Year to you too!

  12. senses of soul, Thanks for stopping by. :)

  13. Kids really dig the pizza burgers. My kids tell me to make them mac and cheese special recipe(with hotdogs) all the time and I guess it's ok since there running around so much. I could also use some supper ideas.

  14. BragonDorn, Thanks for the suggestion. I bet she'd like that. Thanks for stopping by.


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