Monday, January 9, 2012

When Simple Was Not So Simple

Taking car of the car/truck is the good thing
The responsible thing
The simplest way to prevent problems down the road

Not always.

A couple weeks ago, we took the truck in to get the serpentine belt changed.
It was getting worn out so we needed it done.

We brought it to the place that changes our oil.
I thought, it's a belt, they are mechanics.
What can happen?

This is where we go. I shake my head every time I see the store hours.

Right off, I should have known things were not going to go well.
I made the appointment and they knew the make, model, and year of the truck.
All is good.

We get there.
They change the oil and come tell us.
They got the wrong belt so we have to come back later.

Nothing to do around town, so we head home and come back.

Got it changed and the guy tells me how much it is.
I pay for it and he gives me the receipt and it is less than what I gave him.

So, he takes back the receipt and figures out the change, gives that to me without the receipt.

I am really starting to wonder about this guy.

Fast forward to one week later.

Kiddo had an orthodontist appointment.
On the way, the truck overheated and lost power steering.

Instead of her appointment, we went to the Toyota dealership.
The belt had shredded.
Our ONE WEEK old belt.

Plus, when it shredded, it came apart with enough force it bore into the crank shaft seal.

Good times!

They are supposed to pay for Toyota fixing it and our rental(Had to rent a Tahoe).
Hopefully soon.

Why is it, when you owe them you pay right now?
When they need to give you money back, it could be months before the cash gets here.


  1. good customer service is getting harder and harder to find!

  2. Because they are the Anti-Hookers: they ENJOY screwing you.
    My tale of auto-woe:
    Went to get my oil changed (on my car, not me).
    A few days after getting it done, I noticed what looked like dark spots in the driveway.
    Well, I thought the older cars were leaking, not the relatively new one. Come to find out, it WAS the new one.
    I opened the hood and looked at the engine. In my experience, this technique never works. I think it's a "Guy" thing. Basically, men just look at an engine and hope something POPS up and screams, "I'M the problem! Here I am!"
    Anyway, this time it worked because it looked to me that the oil filter didn't look good. Lo and behold, the filter was wobbly-it was NEVER tightened and the oil had pretty much all drained out. Well, I hand-tightened it and added a few quarts of oil.
    I took it back to the garage and they refunded my money (gee, ya think?).
    Bottom line, you're a sucky mechanic if I can figure out the problem.
    Good luck with your car!

  3. Tracy, That it is.

    Al, my husband knew what it was just not how to fix it.
    That's good they refunded your money.
    That happened with the gas line in the house. We got our furnace changed several years ago and the kid helping out was supposed to tighten the valve. But didn't.
    I kept saying I smelled gas, but I was the crazy person. Finally, Honeyman went in and told the guy I thought I smelled gas so he brought out his wand thingy and sure enough, gas was pouring out.
    No refund on the furnace though.

  4. Good thing he didn't light a match just to check.

  5. Since Honeyman was home, it was good the guy didn't.
    Although... I could use a new house.

  6. stupid guy that sucks he put the wrong belt in he should pay

  7. I feel your pain. I've had too many nightmares with Toyota. Next time, I'm going Honda.

    PS Love your new look.

  8. wheatgerm, If the money isn't back in my account come this week Honeyman is going to give 'em hell.

    Robyn, We have had Hondas but no Toyota til this one. Hondas are good.
    Glad you like it. Thanks. :)

  9. I wish I could take all of my car troubles to the same person. Some people only do oil changes and some only do engine work around here...

  10. You've been remodeling. Nice.
    Cars...... They are my bug-a-boo. We should all ride bikes. Of course then we still have tires to contend with.
    Sorry the "belt monster" is demonizing you. I wouldn't even know a bad belt if it jumped out at me.

  11. Sometimes, people's incompetence is astounding! I sure hope they pay for all the damage and inconveniences!

  12. BragonDorn, It's nice when you can find one person to do it all.

    Manzanita, Thanks.
    I'd love it if we could get by on bikes. Living where I do, I don't think that would work when I have to shop.

    Kara, Me too. I'm checking my account off and on and so far they haven't put it back.
    Maybe his right away and my right away are two different things.


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