Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- All About Love

So, yesterday I celebrated 14 years of marriage to my best friend.
It hasn't all been bliss.
We have had our share of bad times.

But, the good far outweigh the bad.

The way the "experts" talk, we never should have made it this far.
We did everything all out of whack.

With us,
First came pregnancy. Like within a month.
Next was moving in together
followed by baby being born.
We got married when she was almost a year old.

We didn't know each other as well as we probably should have, but we thought we knew enough.
And it has worked.
For the most part.

In honor of my wedding anniversary, this weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about why I love and appreciate my Honeyman.

1. Flowers
  Every Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary, and birthday I get flowers. Without fail.

2. Appreciation for what I do
   He always thanks me for me cooking a good meal and taking care of the house. I know it is my job, being a homemaker and all. But appreciation is nice.

3. Hugs
   Hugs are my favorite thing in the world and he gives me plenty.

4. He doesn't care how much money I spend
   I could break the bank and he wouldn't care as long as it made me happy. Not that I would. I kinda like having a roof over my head.

5. He works hard for us.
  He stays in a very stressful job, working overnights to give us a good life. You can't find too many places with better health benefits.

6. Laughter
   He makes me laugh. We laugh a lot. I couldn't imagine going though life without a laugh at some point during every day.

7. Comfort
   When I feel bad or just depressed or maybe really stupid for something I did he is there and he makes me feel OK about everything just by caring.

8. Music
   We share a great love of music and have very similar musical tastes.Tom Petty is one of our favorites.

9. Movie Quotes
   There are some movies that we know so much and we will throw out a quote just whenever the occasion seem to fit. It is just one of our little things. Maybe to some it is odd. But, it's fun.

10. Knowing what each other is thinking.
    Something will come up in conversation with other people or just watching the news. We can look at each other and just know what's going on up there.

Does he drive me nuts? Yes, sometimes.
Do I drive him nuts? Without a doubt.

But, that's just part of marriage.


  1. My Hunny and I are like that too. We got married after knowing eachother only 14 weeks but we are happy. He makes me laugh every day.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. It is good to laugh. I'm glad you found your hunny.

  3. You got a good one and so did he.
    Happy anniversary!

  4. Your Honeyman sounds terrific Ruth! Congratulations on 14 years! Much more happiness is wished for you both!

  5. 14 years of so much love...happy anniversary! May you have many, many more years of wonderful togetherness.

  6. Congratulations! That is such a huge accomplishment. And who cares what order it all came in - it's obviously working for you guys!

  7. Sandra, Thank you.

    Yvonne, Thank you. I hope so too.

    Mama, Thanks. My mom cared at the time. She got over it.

  8. Congratualtions !Best of wishes and Hugs:)
    I would say that happiness does not come easy but what does? I rather work hard and get it than not work and not get it.
    So you deserve the best as I am sure you worked at keeping your marraige too.
    My husband and I are married for forty years now (August 27 1971) We did not even talk to each other before we got married, but we love each other and drive each other crazy too. This is Munir over here at Focus.

  9. Good for you! Happy Anniversary!
    I'm still amazed that a good-looking woman married me.

  10. Happy anniversary to you! I love a couple who value marriage. Any good realtionship takes hard work...and a little space. I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

  11. Congratulations! Your husband sounds like a keeper! Honestly, he sounds wonderful.

  12. Munir, Forty years is great. It does take work. Some days more than others. :)

    Al, Thank you. I'm not. You're a great guy.

    Laila, Thank you. It was a good day. He took the night off so we could go out.

    Belle, Thank you. He is.

  13. Ruth and Honeyman...CONGRATULATIONS on 14 years together.

    What an absolutely beautiful post, Ruth. My best wishes to you both.

    Those flowers look positively fragrant - I'm the hugest fan of yellow roses so it gave me little goosebumps seeing them in your bouquet - and reading your list added to my delight.

    Cheers to you both!

  14. Jenny, Thank you.
    It's nice to see you again.
    My flowers are still going strong. :)

  15. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Nice post!!


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