Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Liebster Time!

I'd like to thank Laila over at Untroubled Kingdom of Laila Knight for this lovely award.
Liebster translates to love or friend OR beloved depending on where you get your information. It's German or Spanish.

I think of lobster when I see liebster so in honor of this award here is "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's.

Now I am to pass the Liebster Award to 5 bloggers and hope they in turn will spread the love.

Amber over at Ambyland

Munir from Focus

jdracecar over at It's Always FUNNY in Columbubble

Tracy from It's An Average Life

Stephgas from it's never too late to save a hopeless case

Now, I need to go inform the winners by leaving a comment on their blog.


  1. Thank you Ruth. Its my first award! :)

  2. And now.... I have "RockLobster" stuck in my head. :)

  3. I love that song. Congratulations on the award.

  4. Awww... thank you sweetie for thinking of me... ps, I am missing you and your daily updates on 500 days of happiness!

  5. Amber, You're welcome. You deserve it.

    Sara, You are welcome. :)

    Alex, Thanks.

    Robyn, Thanks. It is a pretty awesome song.

    Tracy, You are welcome. I know, I've been bad. I'll make sure I get there tonight.

  6. Thanks Ruth!! That is so nice! I freaking LOVE Rock Lobster, I post it on my facebook page all the time, funniest and coolest song ever!!

  7. Congratualtions on getting this awesome award. Your posts always touch the sensitive side of a lot of us.
    Thank you very much Ruth for giving me this award too. The award is realy cute and it means a lot to me that you gave me one. I hope that I am worhty of it and will not disappoint you. I have not blogged for a week. I will try and blog A.S.A.P. Unitil then Cheers and have a good Day. This is Munir over here at Focus.

  8. Congratulations Ruth. You deserve it. :)

  9. jdracecar, You are welcome. I'm glad you like the song.

    Munir, That is sweet of you to say.
    You are definitely worthy of this award.

    Laila, Thanks :)

  10. finally got around to reading my backlog of blogs :) thanks for the award <3

  11. Steph gas, You are most welcome.


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