Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Case of the Weirds

My electronic loving ghost has done it again.
Meaning, it has once again waken me out of a sound sleep.

My ghost loves turning on computer monitors, receivers, TVs, and hitting the reset button on the answering machine so the 0 button starts blinking.

Back in February it turned my Christmas lights on during the night.

This time, I was sleeping very hard and at 4 o'clock in the a.m. I get woken up to the sound of one of Kiddo's old toys.
It is stored in a box in our room and we need to take it to Goodwill or sell it or something.
It is turned off.
But, it came to life.
It is one of those roller skating Minnie Mouse dolls that talks and has music.

I guess I never realized the batteries were still in it.

Once I figured out what the noise was, I got up.
Turned the light on so I could find it and it goes off again.

Checked the toy and sure enough, the on/off switch was set to off.
So, I figured I better take the batteries out and hope that is the end of it.

4:15 and I am taking batteries out of a toy.
Just what I really wanted to be doing.

If it goes off again, maybe the doll is possessed and I need to hide the knives.

Here is rolling skating Minnie with my hairy cat trying to be her friend.


  1. I would hide the knives and your credit cards.

  2. Very funny! One time I heard a horrible laughing from the garage. It was a hanging ghost from Halloween.

  3. Belle, that makes me think- we have Halloween stuff we put out and they make noise. The skeleton tells jokes and "gets down tonight". Maybe sometime it will turn them on.

  4. OH, it's such a cute thing...probably just a little lonely, so you definitely need to hide your credit cards.

  5. Yvonne, it had a doll friend in the box it shouldn't be lonely. Oh all right, I'll hide the c.c. just in case.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Ruth. :)
    Yes, it's a good idea (hide the c.c.)! :D


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