Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- The Extremely Late Edition

Yes, I haven't done my list in a couple weeks.

I have been busy.
I am going to call it veggie abundance.

My garden has decided that it is time to go into full production so I gotta do what I gotta do.

I know, I have missed reading people's blogs.
Hopefully, maybe I have been missed too?
Maybe just a little bit?

But, never fear. I have returned. Today.

This weeks list is all about my excuses for not blogging and why I am so very late.

1. Freezing corn
   Corn has been good this year. So far I have picked, shucked, blanched, and cut corn off cobs. Enough that I have 69 pints in the freezer. So far.

2. Too many pickles.
   I have been making dill pickles and bread&butter pickles.

3. Sweet , sweet pickle relish
  Love it on a hot dog- not ifs, ands, or butts. I also mix it with mayo to make chicken salad for sandwiches.

4. Salsafication
  Yes, I can my own salsa. I make it fresh as long as I have the fresh veggies. But come winter, it has to be canned.

5. Tomatoes
   I can tomatoes. And make juice too.

6. Green beans
  I can those too. Today I did 18 pints. Yay!

7. Getting Kiddo ready for school
  She started yesterday. My baby is a freshman. Awesome! So, I have been getting clothes and shoes and stuff ready.

   I have discovered all this stuff is making me tired so I have to go to bed sometimes.

9. Making money
   Sadly, my good looks aren't enough to pay for fun time. So for extra money I bake and do surveys online.

10.  Computer problems
   My updates are having trouble installing correctly and I have been messing around trying to get it to work. So far, I am making a little headway. But, not without a little hair pulling.

So, I have been a bit frazzled as of late.
But, I am slowly getting back on track.


  1. Yes You've been missed!! Welcome back!! :) wow! Your food projects look so good! Good Job!

  2. Those are very good reasons to be away from cyberspace. I love sweet pickle relish too.

  3. I was wondering where you went. Is there anything you don't can? I love tomatoes and sweet pickle relish, I put it in tuna instead of mayo. Glad you're back, hey maybe you can make extra $ by selling all those veggies you canned.

  4. That's pretty impressive output in the kitchen. Bud is looking for a farm stand to buy out all their corn so we can do the same thing. Nothing like eating that fresh corn in the winter!

    We ate grilled sweet corn for a week and now are itching for more again. Glad there are stands all over town so I can get more.

  5. Oh, cool, you're making all that from scratch? I can't seem to keep my tomato plant alive. :)

  6. Nicole, Thanks. For everything.

    Robyn, It is pretty good stuff.

    Alex, I don't can okra. It gets slimy. EWWWWW! I'll try the relish in tuna. Some year I'm gonna try doing a farmer's market.

    Sue, Oh I love grilled sweet corn.
    Hopefully you can get a lot of corn to put away. You're right, there is nothing like it.

  7. Laila, Last year everything died so I am glad it's all doing so well this year. We are watering the garden a lot.

  8. Pickling is always a good reason to slack off on blogging! there's a sentence I never thought I would type!

  9. Sandra, I never thought I'd write about pickling either.

  10. You really shouldn't let information like this out. When the apocalypse hits, you're going to have quite a few friends over for dinner.

  11. Al, I never thought of that. I'm screwed.

  12. i am very glad you are able to get alot of produce put away.

  13. Tons of work! Good for you and welcome back.

  14. Laura, I am now running out of jars.

    Belle, Thanks and thanks.

  15. Laura, OK. We can talk about it later.

  16. Al, does that mean I need to expect you when the apocalypse comes?


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