Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Questions I Have

Do you ever wonder about some things?

I know, I do.
I do it all the time.

Maybe I am just a curious person.
I don't know.

I like to know why people do things.
What is their motivation, their thought process?

Or, I want to know their brain functioning power.
Was the power on when this happened?

So, that's this week's Ten Things Tuesday. Things I think and wonder about.

1. Why is there a track & confirm thing on the US postal service website?
  When you buy something, you get a tracking number for FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. They all have a spot to type in the tracking number. Guess which one never has a record of that number?
I'll give you a hint- neither rain, nor snow, nor dead of night....
 (for those from another country that's the USPS motto)

2. When there is a shark attack in the ocean, why do officials go looking for the offending shark? It is in the OCEAN, which is really big, and how are they gonna know they got the right shark?

3. Why does Chris Wragge of the Early Show always grease his hair back?
  It just doesn't look good. And this isn't the 1950s.

4. Why do so many people say  we need to vote all members of Congress out, but then they still   vote their guy back into office?  They seem to think everyone else. But, their guy is OK.
Or are the people saying this the ones that don't vote?

5. Why do people vote party and not person?
   Some people from the same party have different ideas and I really hate when people go on and on about what party so and so is from.
I don't care! The government needs to just fix the country and quit being little babies and start taking care of the people and not themselves and their reelection plans.

6. How was this big ass crocodile captured alive?
Check out the story.

7.  Why won't Dave Sayer come to my house?
  I wrote him a nice letter and everything. I just don't understand.

8. At work, why do the best workers get treated like crap, while the laziest workers get treated great?
Seems very backwards to me. But, it happens everywhere.

9. Why don't the news anchor people pay attention to what they are reading.
  Once, the teleprompter stopped working and the anchor was lost when she had to read her papers. She started reading news that she already told me.

10.  Why do companies change things and call it "new and improved"?
   It might be new, but it is very seldom improved.
I miss the old version of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

What kinds of things do you wonder about?


  1. I totally agree with you on # 2,4,and 8. At work, the lazy bastards are usually brown nosers and kiss asses. I wonder why gas prices always go up right before memorial and labor days, then the go back down (even if it's just a few cents).

  2. Alex, And they go down around election time. One would almost think the prices are being manipulated in some way.

  3. Loved your list, it was interesting and funny. My hubby sees the same kind of thing at his workplace. I think Alessandra is right about the reason why.

  4. Belle, Thanks. I am sure Alex is right. I hate people that kiss ass. I guess that's why I am not a boss.

  5. I wonder about Chris Wraggee and also about by voting parties and not people.
    My husband onse bought a pack of NEW CLASSIC WORTHERS. Hi, this is Munir ver here at Focus. I have a list in my head of things I wonder about, but by the time I sit down to write, I forget them Oh well.

  6. Munir, New Classic Worthers is a good one. I don't know why they have to go and change things that were good to begin with. Not to mention New classic just sounds dumb.

  7. #2: I think they look for the shark which looks guilty. Or is ratted on by the other sharks.
    #5: I think they think they're voting for the "Tupperware Party." They may not get much done, but you can pop their lids and listen to them burp.
    #6 Sometimes guilty sharks come in handy.
    #8: Because the best workers will always be the best workers, no matter what. Until they become EX Best Workers (Oh, my, Al CAN be serious sometimes!)
    As for me, I wonder if cottage cheese is really cheese. It could fit on a Ritz, I suppose. But...so can dog poop.

  8. Al, for dog poop to fit on a Ritz you would need an awfully big Ritz or a really small turd.

  9. Those are worthy questions. I especially like numbers 2 and 3.
    I wonder why Kelly Rippa is so darned perky and how Regis has the patience for her.

  10. Robyn, Maybe that is really why Regis is retiring.

  11. Lol! You are so right about the shark!

  12. I definitely find new and improved frozen dinners really suck. Give me back the old version. I don't have time to always cook from scratch, but my last frozen dinner love changed their recipes, and I'm now left with none I like at all :(

  13. Mama, I really don't know what some people are thinking when they come up with these ideas.

    Yvonne, Why do they always have to "improve" food?

    Al, Yes, from a very small dog.


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