Monday, June 20, 2011

Yum! Tastes Like... Poop?

Have you heard the news?
Japanese scientists have discovered how to make steaks from human shit.

Now doesn't that make your mouth water?

Ummmmm, shit!

Here is the article if you want to read it.

But, here's the gist:

Tokyo Sewage had too much shit.
They go to a scientist and say "Can you do something with all this shit?"
So, the scientist thinks and comes up with a solution to ALL the shit and a possible food shortage.

Answer poop steaks that taste like beef.
Taste testers said it was yummier than beef.
AND it has less calories since there is less fat.

Isn't that awesome?

Of course, it occurs to me that once these people consume these shit steaks they will than make more shit and that in turn will be used to make more steaks.
They should sell a do it yourself kit on how to turn your own excrement into an edible meal

Also, is some shit more nutritious than other shit?
That's a thinker, that is.

I have the perfect name and the perfect slogan .

Sheaks( shit + steaks)

Sheaks- the other brown meat.


The validity of this could not be confirmed nor denied.


  1. This is wrong on sooo many

  2. I would think that Poop Steaks would taste like chicken. Doesn't everything?
    Those kooky Japanese! It's not just about dinosaurs and sex robots!

  3. km, I know and I thought it was bad enough they started using human shit as fertilizer.

    Al, I know. Like chicken is exactly what I was thinking.

    OT, Yes. I think I'd quit eating meat if that ever did come to be.

  4. I have two things to say: 1. Ewwww and 2. Will it make me poop? 'Cause if so, you know I'm all over that shitty badboy!

  5. Sandra, as I was writing this you actually came to mind. In a good way :)


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