Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- What Dad Taught Me

Since Father's Day is coming up on Sunday, I thought this week should center on Dad.

Plus, I did Mom last week.

Dad never did have a lot of sayings.
He worked on the road(doing road construction) so he was gone a lot.

But, this is Ten Things Dad Taught Me:

1. Don't lie.
  If you lied and he found out, you got it way worse than just telling the truth.
I remember one time when I was maybe 8 and I had a cheese sandwich and it was nasty. I threw it away. But, I was clever. I buried it way at the bottom of the trash. Dad asked me about it and I said I ate it. He knew I lied. He went through the trash and found it.
Ass beating. Don't lie about cheese!

2. When you turn 18, we can't tell you what to do anymore.
  So many parents still try. But, he told me my mistakes were mine to make. No matter how stupid. And I did more than my share of stupid things.

3. If you are going to buy something, buy something good. Don't buy cheap junk and fix it up.
  Dad was never a big spender. Five people on $22,000/year will do that to you. But when he bought something it was built to last.

4. If one thing is wrong with something, fix it. Don't just throw it out.
  Now, so many things are made and when something goes wrong with one part, it is cheaper to throw it out and buy new. But, sometimes it is something that costs nothing or very little. It just might take some work to fix it.

5. You can get your point across without having to say a lot.
  Dad never did talk a lot. He always did what needed done and when he said something, you had better pay attention. He didn't like repeating himself.

6. Being on time is important. Being early is better than being late.
  To this day, I always feel bad when I am late. Especially if it is something involving Dad. It is like I am letting him down. And I am married to a man that believes in NEVER being early and being late is no big deal.

7. If you are going to do something, do it right. Nothing half-assed will do.
  Even if it means starting all over. Sometimes that's what it takes.
I have seen him refinish a floor and take it all off and redo, just because it wasn't quite right.

8. Growing a garden.
  Dad has always had a garden. He can grow anything. When I was growing up, we all helped plant and harvest. It prepared me for growing my own. Even now, I still ask Dad questions about this or that.

9. Hugs, kisses, and I love yous are important.
  Not because I always got them. On the contrary. I never did. Growing up, I never got any of that from Dad. I got a few hugs from Mom but no kisses and no I love yous.
Dad was raised not to do that, so we never got it.
But, because I never did, I know how important it is.

10. If you pout and stick you lip out, a bird will come and poop on it.
   It must be, my daddy said so.
Though if I stick my lip out when I am in the house, how did the bird get inside to poop on it?
As a child, that bit of reasoning seemed to escape me.

Now Dad is retired and seems more at peace. He smiles more, but his body is getting tired.

Have you learned anything from your dad?


  1. Your dad is a very wise man.

    I learned from my dad not to be an alcoholic.

  2. OT, Some people teach us what we don't want by being who they really are.

  3. Great post!!
    Your dad sounds like the type of father I would like to be. Unfortunately, the only thing I learned from my dad was how NOT to be a dad. Sad, actually. I will say this, though. I did get my sense of humor from him. While his joking pretty much went to NC-17 (X), mine only gets to PG-13 or R.

    I also have a kind of sophomoric take on some things, so I have to comment on...

    "Plus, I did Mom last week"??????? :-)

  4. That's an awesome list! I love that last one, very good logic for outsmarting a kid who likes to pout. I might use that one, cause my kid pouts a lot. Then again, maybe not, my kid is so amused by all those poop jokes, that's just going to make her laugh.

    Hey! Long time no see. Though it's been totally my fault, not yours.

    I've been busy busy busy busy working on the new forum getting it set up. Been working lots of late nights. Wanna take a peek? Please do so.

    Drop by sometime on the forum and we'll talk.


  5. Oh Al, I had a feeling when I wrote that it was a poor choice of words. LOL!

    Bev, Maybe you can say sit on it instead of poop. I've heard people say it that way too.
    I will have to check it out.

  6. Your dad sounds like a wise guy. From my dad I learned my work ethic and to be honest. I'm sure there's a lot more, but I'm haven a brian fart now...

  7. Alex, he was always so stern and serious while I was growing up. Now, I can really appreciate and understand him better.
    I get brain farts a lot.

  8. I learned 1,2,4,6, and 9 from my dad too.

  9. Belle, it is good to be able to learn things from our parents.

  10. LOL I like the things your dad said.


  11. Adorkable, He has taught me a lot.


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