Monday, June 6, 2011

First Impressions

How do you decide what a person is really like?
Do you get to know them or go by your first impression and keep going by that?

I am one that usually gets to know a person before deciding what they are really all about.

Of course, there are always some people you just instinctively know what kind of person they really are.
They just have a personality that you just know.

Like the selfish person, or the guy that is just too damn charming.
Those personalities just come right out and say " this is who I really am".

But, other people are really hard to pinpoint.
You really have to know them to figure them out.

I've had people I have had to work with that just didn't like me.
I never said anything to them.
They just looked at me and decided I was unworthy.

I have also had people get the completely wrong impression of me and to this day it seems the same.

I have been with Honeyman for close to 16 years and some of his closest friends seem to think of me as some uptight, religious woman.

I find that just a bit odd.

I am about as far away from being religious as you can get.
I was raised Methodist and I know a lot about religion.
But, isn't knowledge power?
One time I happened to share my knowledge so all of a sudden I am religious.

Considering I never go to church and I am with Honeyman-who is agnostic, I find that really weird that they think that.

I am quiet, unless I know you.
I hate to drive so I don't. I know how. I just don't do it much.

Maybe that makes me a weirdo.
I don't know.

Up until recently, I stayed home when Honeyman went to parties with his friends.
Kiddo was too young and no babysitter.
When Kiddo was about a year, her paternal grandparents decided they weren't going to watch the grandchildren anymore.

So, whether I wanted to go out or not was irrelevant.

Not that any of this really matters.
Just puttin' it out there.
Cause it's been running around in my brain.


  1. I am normally pretty good at summing people up by the first time I meet them. I haven't really been wrong yet.

  2. I think your unusualness is so endearing, lol. There is a person that my boss totally cannot stand, and he bad mouths this person all the time. After being around that person for a while, I think differently of them. I agree with my boss that this person can be extremely annoying at times, but over all this person is very nice. I'm actually starting to like this person better than my boss. Some people are complicated to figure out, others come with it written on their forehead. I am also quiet unless I know you.

  3. I don't think you are weird. My husband always says, "Hey, if someone doesn't like me, it's their loss."
    If people don't like you because you know the Bible, that is their deep prejudice showing. I have had people look at me and dislike me too. I think people are very strange to do that.

  4. I think most people are very superficial when it comes to judging people worthy or not of their friendship. I am usually not shy (ok, I'm kind of outspoken...a lot), so people may get a wrong impression at first. I used to judge people pretty quickly too, now I try to reserve judgement until I know that person better, unless they go around with a parrot on their head, then I know they're weird....
    I don't think you're uptight or weird at all, I think you speak your mind even though you may not do it with a lot of fanfare.

  5. OT, Everyone should have that ability.

    Yvonne, Thank you. :)
    There are some people that are good at heart but have strange little quirks.

    Belle, I agree with your husband.

    Alex, No parrot here but my fil has one hanging around on his shoulder. Feel free to think he's odd.

  6. I think you are uniquely wonderful. Seriously. I love the way you write "I don't drive." That just cracked me up...I think anyone who knows themselves and lives by their own code and rules makes others really nervous. Very few have convictions, ethics, rules for their lives. You strike me as a person that lives up to your own standard, and that makes it easy to see why others tend to shy away from you. They know that they should live the way you do, but they don't have the courage to do it. are a reminder of what they are not. Just my two cents and hey ...what do I know?

    Isn't this lovely HOT weather just perfect? If your a lizard maybe..

    Happy Tuesday, friend. Hugs. :)

  7. I hate to drive when I don't know where I'm going! And I have a hard time concentrating when someone else is in the car, so I prefer to drive by myself and in places that I know.

    We all have our quirks--that's what makes the world go 'round. I have my family personality, my Bud personality, and my outside world personality. They are all a bit different, but I don't mind and I don't care what others think.

  8. Jamie, I never really looked at it that way.
    You may be right. It sounds good.
    I know my turtle loves this weather.

    Sue, I'm not good with directions so I'm not sure where I am going a lot.
    I guess I have different personalities too. I never thought of putting it that way.


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