Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Wisdom From My Mom

OK, wisdom and my mom are two things I never thought would ever go in a sentence together.
After all, she does have many a dingy moment.

As, I have gotten older I have realized some things she said as I grew up were pretty spot on.

Not always.

Ten pieces of wisdom from my mom.

1." God didn't damn it, the beavers did."
This is why you shouldn't say Goddammit.
From now on, Everyone start walking around saying Beaverdammit.

2." Life isn't fair."
What kid hasn't heard that from their parents?

3. "If everyone liked the same thing, the world would be a pretty boring place."
Would it? But, if we all liked the same things that would mean we also hated the same things. Willie Nelson would never have gotten a record made and that would be AWESOME!
Willie Nelson sucks.

4." I think it's kind of cool in here. Put a sweater on."
I know that seems so TV, but my mom actually said that.
And now I am realizing that I make my kid wear a jacket on the basis of whether or not I think it is cool outside.

5." Beer tastes like dirty dish water."
OK, do I think beer is the best tasting drink in the world? No.
Some kinds are better than others, but one has to wonder how does she know what dirty dish water tastes like. I don't want to know.

6. "Quit your crying or I'll really give to something to cry about."
Translation- you're 5, it's not the end of the world; suck it up.
To this day I internally cringe if I ever hear that phrase.

7." Dinosaurs aren't real."
Now it's pretty apparent that they were really real. In the 70s, my mom didn't believe in them.
Not sure why.
Now, she wouldn't remember telling me that.

8." What people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business, but they don't need to advertise."
This was basically her response to people coming out in public.
How times have changed. Now she doesn't care if gays marry. That's about as public as it gets.

9. " I don't know why people always have to have alcohol at these things."
Things being any type of gathering of people.
Some people like their drinks. Some people are alcoholics and some people just like to have fun with a drink.

10. " I don't know why the music always has to be SO loud."
It doesn't matter where. It could be a family get-together or at a bowling alley. It might not even be that loud.
She has even been at my house and told me to turn the radio off.
Honeyman says she needs to think that maybe, just maybe, she's the odd one.


  1. Some of those are pretty good and spot on.

  2. OT, The older I get, the more things she said makes sense.

  3. LOL! Your mom and my mom must have went to the same mom school. :-)

  4. i remember hearing most of these, but don't remember hearing that dinosaurs aren't real. why wasn't i told before now? :) oh, and tastes like dirty dish water sounds better than tastes like piss.

  5. 8, 9 &10 sound like my mom!

  6. Jennifer, That's funny! :D Interesting sayings 101

    Laura,If I remember correctly Mom doesn't like the word piss. And I'd hope she doesn't know what that tastes like either.

    Belle, It sounds like our moms would get along pretty well.

  7. i know she doesn't like to use the word and i am sure that she doesn't know what that is like but it is a pretty common way of stating something is awful. much like saying tastes like shit. ttfn.

  8. I'm gonna start using the beaver thing.


  9. Adorkable, That is a pretty good one.


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