Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Irritating Things

Well, it's been a pretty crappy last few weeks for me.

So, I thought maybe I might make a ten list out of the things that piss me off.
Or that I am so sick of.

So here's my list of Ten Things That I am Sick Of.

1. Being tired.
  I never sleep for more than 5-6 hours at a time and than I am awake. I am tired but can't get back to sleep. Totally sucks.

2. People that love or hate someone just because of their political party.
  Can't we all just get along? Seriously, every political party has it's good things AND it's bad things. People that think their party is ALWAYS GREAT and the other party is ALWAYS WRONG needs to get their head out of their ass. Or elephant.

3. My child being sick.
  Nobody likes their kid being sick. Somehow I never imagined I would have one that ended up with so many problems. I know it's not like cancer or a congenital heart defect. But, it is one thing after another and it wears me down.

4. Here comes the rain again.
  Mother Nature has really missed her mark. Or maybe that's her thing. Because it seems like whenever TX has a bad drought IA gets way to much fucking rain.
I just want to walk in my garden. And I would love to give TX my rain. And any other state that needs it.

5.Coming up with meal ideas.
  I love to cook. But, sometimes I'd like a little input about what people might like me to make.
But, nnnooooooo. So, I get to come up with ideas every day. For meals and snack/dessert.
After 16 years, sometimes I get stuck.

6. I think the NFL Network needs a summer vacation.
  There's a lockout in effect, but they keep talking about football. And I swear the older my husband gets the more the has to read and watch news about the NFL in the off season.
I don't mind football. I will watch games. But, I don't care about the draft and about this person becoming a free agent or whatever. A little bit is fine. 4-5 times a week is overkill to me.

7. Seeing something photo worthy and not having my camera.
  I do that so much. Lovely signs I would have loved to have gotten- Shit on a Shingle advertised on the outside of a legion hall, the Congress Needs Funk sign and many more.
Of course most times when I do have it, I don't find anything.

8. Having to wear sweatshirts INSIDE my house during the summer.
  It is always set at 72 degrees. The central air, that is. The moment in time when the thermostat reads 75 degrees is when the air gets turned on for the first time.
I used to have to go outside once in a while just to warm up in the hot sunshine. Also, when I am not thinking, I will walk outside with my sweatshirt on and just about die. People really think I am the weirdo wearing sweats in the summer.
72 degrees by furnace in the winter is toasty. 72  degrees by air conditioner in the summer is cold.

9. People that go on the news right after their kid dies.
  Does anyone else not find this just a little strange? And I am not talking weeks or months later. I am meaning that day or the next day.  I think it is poor taste for the news to even ask them to give an interview. I also can't imagine why anyone would want to do it.
It just seems like it happens so much anymore.

10. TV shows that are quiet so you have to turn up the sound and kill your ear drums when the commercial comes on.
   I miss my old TV with the smart sound. Everything was evened out and you didn't have to keep turning things up and down. What every happened to the CALM act congress was supposed to have passed? Did it get signed and when does it take effect?
Either the TV stations need to lower the ads or raise the shows. I know the ad level is higher to catch our attention. But, it is so damn annoying!


  1. Siiiiiigh.... those things are annoying. Especially the political parties and the volume on tvs.


  2. I would definitely appreciate a little input when it comes to dinner, I get tired of making the food decisions... Plus I am so with you on the tv/commercial thing!

  3. 3, 5, and 10 are my top picks from your list. I hate cooking and the hardest part is deciding what to cook.

  4. Well, I pretty much could have written the list myself, especially for # 8. I hate being an ice cube inside my house and a fried egg outside my house grrr..

  5. I am totally with you on #1, 3, and 5! They top my list any day!!

  6. It's the pits when everything that could go wrong does go wrong without a breather inbetween. You have to develope a bit of an 'I don't care' attitude on some of the littler stuff, or it will drive you bonkers. I so sorry your daughter seems to catch everything that comes along. Must be very hard on her too.

  7. Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you around the blog some more. In honor of your post, here is something I'm sick of--waiting on submission. Best to you.

  8. OT, Everybody should think like us.

    Misha, Does the party thing get worse or do I just notice it more? Likewise for the volume thing.

    Tracy, I know. I ask what they want me to make and I don't care is what I get. Maybe I should fry them some cabbage. :)

    Belle, Thanks. It should be mandatory to give ideas for meals. They eat too.

    Alex, I know. Honeyman hot so... When people come over they either complain or wear jackets because they know they are coming.

    Laughingmom, I don't know why I can't sleep longer. There should be a law in the universe that says if you are still tired you should not wake up.

    Yvonne, I know. Bad things seem to come in groups around here. Kiddo is having kidney pain now. Dr. thinks it is a bladder infection but the UA came back OK. So we will have to just wait and see.

  9. Becky, patience is supposed to be a virtue but it is hard waiting. Thanks for the follow.


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